Friday, May 3, 2013

gumball moments...

A mama's day is kinda like the experience of a gumball machine....

you put your quarter in and you can't wait to see what you get. 
I always hope for a red cherry one. 
You position your hand and slowly lift the door.
What pours into your hand is it.
And you embrace the color...even if it wasn't the red one that you wished for.

A mama wakes up with the amazing ability to anticipate the day ahead and look for the fresh start...but what rolls out of the door is out of her control...because the little people she loves up all day are just that...little people with their own moods, personalities, and thinkers.  
And thankfully, the love of this job of being a mama is worth it, every moment...the good and the bad and the ugly.  And I wouldn't want to miss a second of it.  So I'll keep putting my quarter in.

Embracing the moments that rolled into the palm of my hand today.

Made it to barbell class with Jessie, even after a late girls night out.
Waffles for the kiddos.
Knowing Ed was on Charley's much anticipated field trip.
Handed off my camera to Ed so he could snap pics on the field trip.
Syd proudly walked into her class today and spent the first 20 minutes washing her hands at the little was her toy of choice today, which made all the teachers laugh. 
Spent 45 minutes sitting around a table discussing motherhood, love my ECFE mornings. 
Quick Target stop for dinner ingredients.
Henry was content sorting beads with his little sis, building legos, racing cars in cardboard boxes, watching Peter Rabbit, and more.
Pistachio nuts were nibbled.  An extra cup of coffee was reheated this afternoon.
Books were read, twinkle twinkle was sang, and Syd hung out in her crib for 25 minutes today.  I am clinging hard to these moments.  

Syd drank water in her tea cup, but poured most on the table,  and nibbled pretzels from the big bag. 
The grass is more green than brown even though it snowed all. morning. long.
I cleaned out the fridge while Syd nibbled her pretzels.
Picked up toys and got two loads of laundry done but not folded.
Listened to three kids with too much energy play doggy together.
Heard the joy Charley shared about the field trip.
And anticipated the start of the weekend and Ed's arrival home.  

And letting go of the moments I didn't get.

A stop at the salon for hairspray.  I've been out for two weeks.
I didn't get a bathroom cleaned or anything vacuumed.
I haven't made the pizza dough yet for tonights pizza making dinner or prep the pizza toppings.
Never made it to Costco this week.
Our bedroom is overflowing with laundry that needs to be put away. 
I didn't put my feet up and play a board of Candy Crush.
Didn't get a blog written....besides this five minute ramble...
Didn't get the call in to ask questions about Henry's kindergarten visitation on Monday.
I didn't go through last Friday's notes from school and will now add today's notes to the pile.
I had no adult communication all afternoon, which means Ed will get his ear talked off later. 

What moments rolled out of your gumball machine today? 

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Goings on at the Glenn's said...

You are fabulous! Do you actually remember all these moments that happened throughout the day or do you have to jot them down as the day goes on? Love reading what you write


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