Wednesday, May 1, 2013

today...rain, snow, mama school, and potatoes

The other day we were hanging out in the front yard of a friend's house in polka dot capris.

Pulling wagons and enjoying the spring breeze!

The other day...
Henry demanded radishes for snack.  We had a grocery shop planned and he trekked right over to the radish section (yes, there is a radish section, ha!) and bought some.  He sat out at the picnic table YESTERDAY and snipped off the ends and then washed them.  He wanted to nibble radishes while watching his favorite cartoon, Peter Rabbit.  How cute is that.  Love this kid. 

Makes me so excited for the farmer's market to open. 

But today it has rained all. day. long. 
And I LOVE a rainy day.  Especially after a nice streak of weather that keeps us outside. 
I love being cozy, baking something, and getting things done that otherwise loom in my brain stressing me out because I am not inside doing them. 
I love that the rain will bring green. 

But later it is supposed to snow.  Like winter weather advisory snow.  7-9 inches or something crazy.  Let's pray it doesn't happen.  

So inside we are.  I have had a hard time motivating Henry to sit and work on any school type stuff with me.  Charley used to love to sit with me.  Henry is super happy puttering with Lego blocks or doing his own thing.  He is a different kid.  But he is so ready to go with this learning stuff.  So I am trying to get him motivated just a tad, without pushing it.  Because, I know that isn't good either.  

So we started an a little science activity.  

Remember doing this as a kid...growing a potato vine.  
He doesn't know what will happen.  We are going to observe and log as we go.  

While I had him sitting there I grabbed my pile of fun and tempted with him...
for every 10 minutes of work he could earn a sticker and when he earned 20 he could choose a new app for the phone/ipad or a trip to Cherry Berry...a local serve yourself yogurt shop.  
That's all it took.  Away he went.  30 minutes going strong.  

Miss Syd hasn't napped for 3 weeks. 
I won't stop putting her up there.  Because it makes me want to cry thinking that naps are no longer for this girl.  I said to Ed that someday when I get weepy that she is heading off to preschool or kindergarten or college...tell me to suck it up...I got plenty of time with this chica.  She is my tag along 13 hours a day.  

So she joined in on the fun.  

At first it was cute. 

But then she got a little bossy.

And he is asking me to get her her own book to work in. 

So for now....
We'll see if it snows or not.  
And we'll enjoy some homemade chocolate chip ice cream and wish we were licking the cone quick before it dripped.  
We'll relish the lamps being lit, candles flickering on the kitchen counter, and the chaos that resumes at this point every day.  

Happy Wednesday friends.

P.S.  This is a pic that I am saying is Henry's picture of Mother Nature...fits right?


The Tompkins Family said...

Oh, Syd! So much spunk for a little package! Love!

Raina and Andy said...

Love Henry's drawing. Sooooo neat, a keeper for sure. Funny that syd got too bossy, she's truly a 3rd. Tell her aunt rains knows all the tricks of the trade. Eli ate a radish today. I told him Henry likes them and Peter rabbit too. He said "me too" then said "that was spicy" ha rr


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