Thursday, May 16, 2013


We have a busy couple weeks ahead of us with lots of guests coming to stay.  Friends are popping in for a stay on Friday night (Can't wait Mike and Kelly!).  Grandma Charlie is coming for a few days, thank goodness, because I am craving me some Charlie time and we aren't going up north until the snow melts. haha.  And when she leaves I will have a day to strip the guest bed and remake it for my crazy family.  Who will be camping in all nooks and crannies of our house.  Meanwhile, the school year is coming to an end ferociously fast.

But guess what?!  Syd is napping.  AGAIN.  Yep, she napped on Tuesday.  I figured it was a fluke and didn't even attempt yesterday because we were too busy outside planting flowers.  But today, she went down again.  Bliss.  This mama is one happy camper.  Silent squeal going on here.  Third one of the day.  The first one came at 9:31 when I pulled out of the driveway, ALONE.  I nabbed a college neighbor home for three weeks.  I asked her to come for two hours so I could go to some "meetings" aka...garage sales and Target all by myself.  

I actually squealed another time after I stopped to get my garage sale money and realized that I had two full hours ahead of me ....and realized quickly that my window was still open.  Luckily, no one heard.

Ed sees it.  He can't figure out how to fix it.  And there isn't anything major or scary or sad going on here.   I am excited for guests, beautiful weather, planting flowers with my kids.  I have been getting my workouts in...well not this week.  All is so good.   But I still can't shake this feeling of anxious overwhelming funk.

So today, there is a skip in my step because I nabbed a few moments to hear myself think or not think. I got the guest room almost set for our first round of house guests.  And there is a cool breeze blowing through our house.  I am hopping my mood can carry through to when Ed gets home...because the last few nights I have been sleeping before the boys.

Does any other mamas out there relate to the importance of catching a few moments to yourself when you are supposed to be taking care of your children.  Not after they are in bed or when they are napping.  But moments when you really get to say you are getting a break.  Moments when you are kinda free to roam or shop or sit or do whatever.  Most of my moments happen when they are still sleeping in the morning or very near or after they are in bed....times that I consider my break time too.  So this morning's moments were extra special.  I may just have to take advantage of our neighbor gal again.  She is there for only 3 more weeks.

Best get off this machine and go get a few more things done.  The bathroom cleaning is next...ugh.  Such a bummer of a task.


Anonymous said...

Love this - I can relate on so many levels!!! Yay me time!!! Hope your "meetings" were successful :). Jamie Trampe

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo glad you got out, I always remind my friends that we have to remember who we are. Always a mom. Always. which is apparent in that you actually shopped FOR YOUR KIDS during yr alone time) and you are a wife but you are also Sarah. And Sarah deserves time alone....and you're right. Doesn't always have to be only when kids are sleeping.
Way to go you. Rr


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