Friday, May 17, 2013

Thanks, Aunt Jane.

I have an Aunt Jane, one of my dad's sisters, that lives in Okinawa, Japan.  
She teaches on a base there and has lived and taught there for more years than she has lived in the states.  She and I have always connected over our teaching passion and last summer she even came and helped watch Syd and Charley when Henry had surgery.  So special that they can know their Great Aunt that lives SO far away.  

This year Charley's class did the Flat Stanley project...where each child sent off a paper person and waited to hear about the adventures he/she had.  Charley sent his to his Great Aunt Jane.  
Boy oh Boy did she go above and beyond.  

The package arrived and Sydney and Henry hopped excitedly into the double stroller so they could deliver it to Charley and his class.  

Here is Flat Stanley....sportin' some Packer gear. 

Charley got to show everyone where Japan was. 

And then proceeded to empty out the box of all sorts of treasure...
a Japanese newspaper, children's book all about Tokyo and Japan, lots of different Japanese money that he got to share with ALL his classmates, chocolate cookie treats, post cards, and a very detailed book that his Aunt put together sharing so many neat facts about Japan.  
Charley's teacher was speechless. 

She also sent along three t-shirts for this little crew!  The boys absolutely LOVED theirs.   

It is so easy to get wrapped up in your everyday and miss out on the connections you can have with relatives that live far away.  Jane is so super at calling, emailing, and even showing up in the US.  I am so lucky that my children know who their Aunt Jane is.  This year she is going to hopefully attend our annual cousin Survivor weekend.  I have no doubt she will be a fierce competitor and might have us all trekking to Japan for Survivor 2014!  How cool would that be!  

Thanks Aunt Jane for making all of our days...but especially Charley's.  He was so proud to have such cool stuff to share with all his classmates!  I am planning on really taking some time this summer to go through all the Japan stuff with these three.  So cool.

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