Wednesday, May 15, 2013

just some recent moments

I have been terrible with blogging I am playing catch up. 
Because the moments have been there...I just haven't settled down to note them here. 

Mornings come early again.
Coffee...on the deck...while she colors in her "parkle shoes."

Rainy days have passed and a duck couple became frequent visitors...amazing to us all as they perched on our deck, wandered our yard, and quacked like crazy when sitting atop the playset. 

Spur of the moment (today) we ran to the local flower shop for a few flowers. 
We aren't doing our front flower bed yet...pondering having some work done around that area.  
So we did our pots.  I think this year we will keep them watered...given Syd loves to play out on the deck...something for her to do.  Right?

 We have this large pile of wood that needs to be split, stacked, and used...but Ed hasn't the time. 
So it sits.  So today I rolled and lifted some of them and came up with this little set up.  I am sure there is something that Ed won't like about it.  But I think it looks fun.  And our deck is so needs a little something on there.  

And we have been treasuring friend get togethers.  It just seems like they happen more frequently when the weather gets nicer.  Last Friday we went and spent time with friends that got some new baby ducks and chicks.  SO SO special.  And so so fun to come home with a dozen or so fresh eggs!  

We got to see them swim for the first time.  Amazing how they just do it.  

And I have enjoyed a glass or two outside with friends or with my kiddos.  Slowing down.  Forgetting to worry about dinner...and rather wander and explore with them. 

The days are long...but the school year is quickly coming to a close. 
Are you ready for summer?

I am. 


Barb said...

I love your photos, the flower bench, the kids, the chicks and ducks too. I'm ready for summer and hope we have time to relax and squeeze in every single little warm weather wish for 2013.

Anonymous said...

Love syds hair. Sooooo cute.
Those chicks are pretty cute too.
When I'm standing in backyard with my boys I always think about you on your driveway or in your backyard and wish we were closer. Rr


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