Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring finally arrived...and we have been....

Spring finally arrived this week.
So we've been packing in as much outside play and fun as possible.
We typically spend an hour outside before the kids head off to school.
Park visits.
Bike rides.
Lots of swing rides and bubbles.
Walks about the neighborhood.
Soccer starts tonight.
It's here, I think.
Although, I have the snow pants still hanging close by.  :\

This past weekend, even though the sun didn't shine too much, we hit a local historical park that was hosting a Civil War weekend event.  We were pretty much the only ones there for the first hour.  And then some friends met us for a bit.

Here are some snapshots from our outing.

I think Grandma Charlie would get a kick out of an event at this park.  It took Henry a while to get used to the experience.  The people take on the time period and speak to you like you are there visiting them at this time.  It can be a little confusing to the kids.  

The coffee smelled great...and was brewing at each little house or camp we visited.  

 A lot of time on the weekends, we get wrapped up in getting stuff done or we're just happy being home as a family.  But it sure is nice to sometimes get out and enjoy the kids outside of the space where to do lists loom.  If you live in the area...we have been to two events at this park and both have been worth it.  Email me if you want more info.  

Hoping to catch up on blogging in the next few days.  We'll see.  

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