Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday rambles.

At Syd's class this morning we get to share joys and concerns.  I shared my big joy....Syd napped twice this week.  That's two more times than she has napped in weeks.  I am ecstatic.  She needs it.  I think the earlier nap time helps.  So we will keep striving to get her down by noon.  Many have suggested and I have pondered...but with preschool pick up it is hard to juggle.  I will prioritize it though.

Today it is raining.  And it is exactly what I needed this afternoon.

Took three days off this week from the gym but got back at it this morning and it really does make all the difference to my day.

This week we had major garage sales happening.  I scored deals on the things I NEEDED (Soccer shoes for Charley and golf clubs for Henry).  And I also gifted my kiddos some fun new toys that have kept them busy ALL. WEEK. LONG.  Syd now knows what a garage sale is.  I have raised little garage sale pros.  They know that we don't buy at every one.  They hop in and out of the car quickly.  But on Thursday I ran to a few by myself when the sitter was here and that was heavenly.  I love striking deals on things that we only use for a bit or it doesn't matter if it is brand new.  This time of year when you have a few moments to waste before picking up or dropping off kiddos...Wednesday - Friday around here always offers up quick time wasting stops.

If Syd requests "do-do" song she wants her class song titled Baby Shark.  If she asks for "double x" that means she wants the Alphabet song.  She used to call it ABC song but now it is "double x"  ...meaning "w u x"

Everyone at ECFE with a 2-3 year old is struggling with kids that don't eat.  They all like their milk and have a hard time getting them to eat meals.  We are all trying hard to have a strategy on when to give the milk and encouraging each other to stick to one snack mid morning and mid day.  But it is hard.  And it is such an emotional battle for these littles and us mamas.

A handful of chocolate chips makes putting sheets on the guest bed WAY more fun.

The flowers on our deck are looking great.  Syd and Henry are watering champs and today the rain will be magical.  Our lawn is ready for a cut too.  Hopefully this weekend.

We have two soccer games tomorrow.  Hoping it doesn't rain.

A mid afternoon cup of coffee hit the spot while the rain fell.

Being firm and holding your ground as a parent is exhausting and hard work.  I have waited all week for the boys to put away their laundry.  I offered to help multiple times.  I finally said NO screen time until it is put away.  They put it off yet another day.  Finally I made them do it last night.  It took less than 15 minutes...but Charley threw a fit through the whole they still didn't get to play their video games after...because I told them if they whined the video game would wait til another day.  With Ed's encouragement I held my ground.  When I am home alone with three kids it is so hard to hold my ground on ALL the little things that are so important to hold my ground on...snacks, playing with neighbor friends, cleaning up, homework, practicing, helping around the house, treating each other respectfully, eating their fruits and vegetables.

I got new guest bathroom towels this week.  They do not match the paint in our guest bathroom because I hope to paint in there at some point.  Sooner than later.  Do I need to post a sign so people know this?  So Aunt Pat, the towels you gifted us for our wedding...are going to be back up towels now.  They made it 10 years!  Is it silly that I am so excited for these new soft towels.  I might have to be a guest for a day sometime soon :)

Yesterday I worked in our front flower bed.  We don't want to spend money on flowers there this year because we might do some cement work up there.  So I split up a plant that does well there and gets too big for that space and spread it out....I think it will work for the summer.

If you tell Syd that her new haircut is pretty she responds with "Mama haircut too."  I got my haircut short....possibly too short.  So easy.  Love that.  But it is pretty short.  Probably the shortest it has been in a long time.  I took this old picture from like 14 years ago in as my idea....

It's Friday. 
Time to enjoy friends.
Time to get things done, summer is right around the corner. 
Time to relish spring soccer games with hot coffee in hand. 
It's time to weekend it up!  

What's new with you?

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Beth said...

Hum...wishing I had small children problems all over again. My big kid problems are ever more complicated and unexpected. Enjoy the simpler life for now! :-)

Post a picture of your new haircut!


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