Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello Monday

Soccer has started, after they postponed the start of the season a few times.  
Our first game weekend it snowed, for like 1 minute...but it snowed.  
I was at the field with all three kids on my own.  Ed was golfing in the snow.   :(
One practice it was beautiful.  Henry has both his practice and games on Saturdays and has come a long way this past year.  I will capture him next game!    This past weekend we were rained out.  

School is coming to an end fast and fierce here.  Henry ends this Wednesday and Sydney, who won't get it, ends on Friday.   It is sad to see these endings happen...and yet, summer is such a great time of the year.  The freedom, laid back, adventures balanced with lazy days at home....ahhh, just sounds great.  We have signed up for a few little things but nothing that is weekly.  I want to relish the go with the mood flow we have been rolling with lately.  It just goes way better.  I typically spend the month of May coming up with all these big plans for fitting in learning and routine into our summer.  I do want to ponder it a bit and have some plan and goals.  But I decided that this year I would have less of a plan and expectations and maybe we would get to more of the routine stuff that I know would be important (math fact practice, reading moments daily, conquering new bucket list adventures, etc).  

Grandma Charlie is here for a few days. 
Syd nas napped twice now while she is here....Sunday and today.  She probably thinks I am nuts given she is not seeing all of Miss Syd's non-napping shenanigans.   I haven't had two consecutive days of naps in months!  Today I am missing her.  I know, crazy.  I also feel overwhelmed with the time...given the house is somewhat picked up and Henry is getting some special one on one time with Grandma.  

It is Monday and it has rained on and off all day.  
But everything is looking vibrant and green, so I am not going to complain :)

What have you started pondering for goals this summer?


The Tompkins Family said...

I kind of feel like I don't want any goals at all this summer. I know, so unlike me! I think I want to do more of "take each day as it comes" instead of "I better cross something off my bucket list today". We shall see if I stick to it or not!

Anonymous said...

I am also trying to figure out how to figure learning into the regular routine...and cleaning. One thought was having the kids doing small chores to earn money that they can spend at the end of the summer on our family vacation. Seems like a good idea until I think about keeping track...I know I am bad about that. Pinterest has some ideas, but most are too overwhelming for me. I know when summer is here I like not having the structure. Hmmm.
Jennie Henry


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