Wednesday, April 10, 2013

one hour

Spring showed up ---------for like an hour.
And in that hour we broke out the new chalk.
We scored a bike helmet for Syd at the local consignment store for $5!

And we relished it, that one glorious hour.  

And that hour passed.   And the winds picked up.  So we took our spring fever inside.
And instead of some organized pinterest craft...I planted my crew of two at the kitchen table, with a  variety of crafting doodads  and said, "Have at it."  And Henry went to work on many fun creations...most of which had no spring connection.  But he was proud and he used a lot of tape.  
Miss Syd is getting the hang of the glue bottle.  So I created things she could glue together.  I'll have to post a picture of our spring wall of shame.  
I say shame because, we are trying to show Miss Mother Nature how it looks. 
Flowers, caterpillars, rainbows, umbrellas, rabbits, about an hour we conquered them all.
She loves to glue... especially piece on top of piece on top of piece.  

Hey look!  I took a moment and put a hair clip in so she could see.  
And a fine job I did.  

Let's get a closer look. 
For a mama who has 8 years of boy hair under her belt...and a pretty simple hairstyle herself...
Miss Syd is lucky if she has some sort of clip or band in her hair.  
We're getting better, some days.  

Other days...we say, "who cares! Let's throw a hairband in.  Our beauty is on the inside."
Note to my gym friend Jess, (I may have worn that beauty to the gym this morning!  Yes, you could have called me wanna be headband girl - but if I wear it again, you can call me headband girl, right!)

I know this blog is photo heavy on Miss Syd.  But seriously, she is a riot, every moment of the day.  Except when I am trying to talk to anyone on the phone.  Then she is not a riot.   And when I can capture her in clothing, I snap away.  She prefers to strut around in her diaper.  She prefers to still sleep in the nude.  She likes to brush her teeth every hour.  And she won't eat meals unless you call them snacks.  And she really likes the "Big one!" of any and everything.  Don't be trying to give her a little girl sized piece of anything.  "BIG ONE!"  

The blog has taken second fiddle to a spur of the moment urge to paint our lower level.  
We have now calmed this to painting just our front room and part of our kitchen...and from there we will see what we are feeling.  But paint samples are covering a large portion of our wall.  So there is no going back.  My friend, Haley, suggested putting the sample behind where a picture frame hangs so that if you change your mind you can put off the painting for a bit.  oops.  Great idea.  Wish I had read that email before I slapped the entire jars of three sample paints on the wall.  There is no turning back.  

Blogging makes me happy.
I need to make it a priority. 
If you notice a silent day. 
Give a holler.  There shouldn't be a silent day.  Even just a picture is manageable.  And I have a TON of pictures yet to share from my trip to my moms.  

But Ed should be wandering down to move furniture out. 
So that when we are snowed in tomorrow, I can put these three kids to work, and paint!  
A 2, 5, and 8 year old could TOTALLY help, right?????
Heck, maybe I can just pour myself a cup of coffee and put my feet up.  
They've got this.  



Theresa said...

Love seeing a post about another little girl's hair. And how different their hair is! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this humorous post - made me smile :) Jamie Trampe

Anonymous said...

You sound like me with the hair. :) When Erin asks me to help her do something even slightly "fancy" with hers, I point to my own and tell her there is a good reason for my short, maintenance free locks. My "poor" girls . . . Hoping to see you soon--strutting through the neighborhood as we are strutting through the neighborhood in our t-shirts and chacos!!



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