Thursday, April 11, 2013

green grass?

When Charley was about Sydney's age, he would ask to go to Grandma's house.
And the only way we could explain the time that would have to pass was...
"When there is green grass."  So he knew we would do a spring visit when there was green grass.  

We had high hopes this spring break that there might be a little green grass down by her.  Given she is a tad more south than us...

But no such luck.  
There was snow there too.  
And the lake was frozen over. 
So the kids got to walk out on the lake, I think their first experience walking on a frozen lake.  
I was a little nervous, but all the ice boat action had me feeling pretty confident in our short excursion onto the ice. 

Grandma led the way!

The sun was bright.

And Grandpa Bob would have loved to have been part of this adventure. 
It is his favorite place to be. 
But his broken ankle kept him home this time.

Running to Grandma at the park!  Feeling the possibility of spring. 

And then lunch at Chuck's.  
Best fish tacos I have had in a LONG time! 

And when I say lunch, I mean this...

Today there is a snow storm going on outside our window.  There is definitely no green grass.
I am hoping that school still gets called.
It looks awful out there. 

The post yesterday, wasn't about one hour from our day was for our entire spring so far.  
Today I will be taping walls, washing walls, and giving wall repair a try.  
I can do this.  The sooner we get these steps done, the sooner I can get some color on the wall - the FUN part!  
Color has been picked.  Ed will purchase today, if the roads are drivable!  

What are you doing today?

1 comment:

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

So I am a day late. But I love that running shot of Sydney. And oh how fun to be able to walk on a lake. My kids have done that when it has worked at my parent's lake, so crazy.
Did you get the walls prepped?
Today I am going to try to find a dress for a wedding in a week, wish me luck, I think I will need it.


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