Monday, April 8, 2013

finding our balance this Monday morning.

It is Monday morning and all is right in the our world.  We are finding our more balanced routine again.

I made it to the gym and got a really good sweat in.  This has to be the new normal.  I was soooo good for 2012 and I just can't get in the routine.  Doesn't help when daddy travels for four days the week you are determined to get back at it.  But it's a new week and we are off to a great start.  

Yes, Ed travelled most of last week.  And it had been a while, which makes it easier and harder on me. I appreciate all that he does and am so glad that he loves his job, but the travel does throw a spin into our lives when he leaves, I quickly feel unbalanced.  We all miss him a ton.  But it also reminds of us how much we appreciate each other, and how strong I am to conquer solo mama time. 

Char headed off to orchestra in the drizzle, thanks to neighbor carpools that finally granted me a day off when weather wasn't perfect.  Every time I drove this winter it snowed.  dandy.  

Henry had last week off and he is back in school, too.  He didn't really want to go, but we got there without too much of a fuss.  Once again, carpool motivating us...since we can't let down his buddy.  

Syd and I hit up Home Depot, a unique stop for us two girls.  We met a nice lady also shopping for paint colors and picked two, grabbed two small sample cans, and headed home with brush in hand.  We will try and wait for daddy to arrive home to slap it up on a few spots to see if we like it.  
Because slapping it on the wall is kind of a commitment, right?

I have had an urge to paint our lower main living room, front room, kitchen, and bathroom, and laundry.  But it does seem like an overwhelming task with Miss Syd in the picture...a non-consistent napper.  But everyday, I look at our wrecked walls and think...if I just taped off one wall at a time and took it slow...this whole area could be done in a month. HAHAHAHA!  And then the lady working at Home Depot and the other gal informed me that this paint that includes primer might mean two spaces a week could get conquered.  So we'll see.  

Ed is on board, as long as I do it neatly, and he isn't stuck cleaning up a mess.  HA!  

Here's the thing about my man. 
He is VERY handy and he does things perfectly. 
Me, I am more throw myself in, sometimes do it not so perfect (one might call it half assed), but sometimes it turns out great.  And I am not saying I am going to paint our house half assed.  I am just saying that I might not use the most organized manner, and there might be some regret on which wall we started with.  

We went on a date on Saturday and I threw out the idea of car shopping....we took his van because we can't sell it.  He knows, to go car shopping with me, means we would drive off in a new car. That's what happened 10 years ago...we went to look and six hours later we drove off with a Tahoe.  So we didn't car shop.  clarifying.  But for a guy who takes his time, does research, and is wise...we balance each other out.  And we are soooo good for each other in this way.  If it was up to me, after shopping around yesterday with three kids in tow, we would have a basketball hoop in our driveway, but we don't.  Just sayin'

But here is the other thing about my guy. 
We have this bathroom that needs remodeling. 
But it seems to overwhelm both of us.  So we ignore it, mostly. 
But when I mention a bookshelf...he drops everything and goes to IKEA on a busy Sunday and gets it, spends an hour or three assembling IKEA furniture with that dumb little tool they include with the booklet of directions with no words.  
If I mention a new storm door, entry way light fixture, wall dollhouse thing for Syd's room, etc.  He takes it and gets it done.  I have learned I have to be careful to mention things because he does't always take them as pondering or ideas...he takes them and gets them done.  Balance.  We've got it.  

So today, it rains a bit.  It looks to be an overall dreary week.  But with the dreary of spring - we also tend to get green.  And man alive, I can't wait for our grass to green up, trees to bud, and life to look more alive out there.  We are ready.  We need to start to feel a balance in this 2013 year...we've had too much winter weather.  It's time for spring.  

Where are you at this Monday morning?

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Anonymous said...

love that first picture. wonder what the walls will look like 1 week. YES a week. you can do it. go mama go. RR


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