Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Many reasons for a blog break.

Big painting projects going on here.

But ultimately, it is hard to know what to say when tragedy strikes and you know families have been rocked to the core, and all of us are left speechless and fearful of the world around us.  However, with tragedy there is also such hope, faith, and love that pours forth.  So I watch the news for a bit, but then turn it off and try to focus on the heroes that were always there, but may not have known that they had it in them.  The ones that run towards the horrific reality to help.  

The morning of the Boston Marathon I came across a picture that had that quote on it..the one on the picture up above.  And I jotted it down on a post it note and stuck it to our kitchen cabinet.  And planned to make that happen somewhere in our house.  When the news made it's way into my reality, I remembered that quote and just kept it in mind.  Because it is hard to remember when such sad things are happening to good people.  

The focus has been on the simple things. 

The sun making an appearance for a bit yesterday.

Henry announcing that after school he wants to draw a trolley. 

Charley rationalizing why he wouldn't wear his Aaron Rodger's jersey today, because it is hot dog for school lunch (and he always picks that as one of his days) and he always dribbles ketchup.  Smart kid.  However, I find it interesting what shirt he did pick to dribble on :/ 

The focus has been on Miss Syd who found a pair of "two big for her black shiny shoes"...she named them her princess shoes and proudly marches around in them.  

A cup of coffee finished and not needing to be reheated.

The brown grass making it's appearance again, in time for another possible dump of snow.

Emails from friends noting that I haven't blogged.  Thank you. 

The focus is on the fact that I had a longer list to share, but my son, Charley, came to my side every few minutes to say, "Mom, you know what?"  "Mom, can I tell you something."   And turning and looking him in the eye and listening, meant this didn't get finished.  

So....I'll be back later.  Promise.

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