Saturday, April 6, 2013

Time well spent.

When I go to my mom's on my own with the kids I get frustrated sometimes because I can't escape to shop, see a movie, grab dinner, etc - WITH JUST MY MOM.  The focus this season is on the kids and the fun and memories we make focusing on them.  And that is okay.  But it doesn't mean that I don't wish we could wake up, shower, grab a fancy coffee, and adventure for a day of relaxed "lady" time.  But this time we squeezed in some late night "no kid fun."

At my mom's we got the kids all in bed and escaped, as girls, for a little Girl's Night Out....
Mother Daughter Time.

There was laughter. 

And someone snagged my camera and caught a ton of VERY odd pictures of me.

And even though some of us were tired.
Some of us were not feeling top notch the next day.
Some of us found photos that we don't remember taking...
It was all worth it :)

Thanks Grandpa Bob for being in charge while Andy was our driver -when called upon.  He even joined us to witness our superb dancing skills, that may or may not have been captured on video.  


The Tompkins Family said...

I got sister time during our trip home last week but I didn't get any mom time. Hopefully next time!

jessica said...

LOVE this! I totally relate and crave that Mom and Sister time with no kids.

I want to see the dancing video.

Roz said...

How fun!
I never realized how much Sydney looks like your sister!! Wow! Do people often make that observation?

Anonymous said...

Oh those pictures are so great! Beautiful ladies! And fun ladies too. ;)


Anonymous said...

it was so fun. i'm glad i FORCED the situation. sorry you felt horrible the next day. when can we do this again? i took those pictures of you. it was so fun bc your camera just snaps (mine takes forever) so i just shot a bunch. you look so good in them all! RR


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