Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wednesday afternoons lately...

Henry is the kid that Ed is getting to teach to ski. 
Ski lessons didn't work for Henry yet. 
He hung back, watched, seemed dazed, and distracted by everything going on. 
It was frustrating to spend that money and not see him enjoying it or progressing. 
So the last couple Wednesday's Ed has devoted some time to his son and the ski thing.
And Henry has made leaps of progress and has looked SO much more happy...

So I tell Ed, enjoy this. 
He is the one you get to teach.
Standing at the base of the hill yesterday with Charley and Sydney watching for Henry to come down....
Sydney said, "Mama. that."  As she confidently pointed at a ski guy coming down the hill. 
I asked Syd, "Sydney, do you want to ski."  She said, "ya."

So there is no doubt that she will be up on her own set of sticks ... Ed says next year with a big grin.  

Because Henry and daddy go skiing at Syd's nap time I haven't gotten to go and watch.  
And Henry has been asking for me to come and watch and take a picture. 
That picture of them on the chairlift with Henry proudly waving brings tears because I know how much he wanted an audience.
So I grabbed Charley after school and we all went to cheer this kid on. 
And MAN!  He was so proud.  But the real person he wanted to see him ski was not me, his mama.  
It was his big brother. 

This does not mean that Henry won't take an actual lesson someday.  I am actually going to put my foot down and demand it next year.  It has to happen.  But I think his confidence has grown from this special time with his dad.  And I think he will be that much more ready to soak in all that can be gained from a lesson with other kids and other teachers.

And WOW!  The comments from yesterday's post leave me speechless.  I wasn't asking for those.  I just spent a lot of time thinking about what a gift it is when a friend validates you and how it can build you up so you might better see your gifts for yourself.

So let's end with some reality.  I have said it again and again that I am not a skier.  So I am nervous and often shed tears when I see my children come down the big hill.  And in the following video you can see my little Henry come zooming down the hill...and you can hear the stress I feel watching my children come down the ski hill.  I know this is Ed's element and where he is at home...but for this is where my heart rate and blood pressure probably are off the charts.  So I will admit that I am not proud of my tone...but,  that's the reality I am feeling when I watch my children on the ski hill.  And I came down with vertigo again yesterday afternoon...could it be the stress of skiing :)


The Tompkins Family said...

He is doing so well! I have to say though, my favourite part was your part when you say, he IS going straight down!! with a touch of panic to your voice. :)

jessica said...

Love the pictures! Awesome smile on Henry on every picture!

Beth said...

Great video...I didn't have the sound on so I don't know about a panicked voice! Boy, wish I could ski like Ed...sounds like you're next for Wednesday lessons!! :-)

Sorry to hear you're dealing with vertigo. I struggled with that two summers ago when Allyssa burned her foot. If you need ideas, I found a few things that seem to work.

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I think it is funny you apologized for "your tone" in that video of Henry skiing. Honey you have nothing to worry about. What tone? thought it was cute though. Way to go mama for letting your boy do things even though it scares the heck out of you to watch. That shows mama strength!

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Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Henry definitely looks proud, favorite is the ski lift so fun. I think second and subsequent children to yearn for that excitement from us because they have seen it on our faces with the oldest. It is great that you brought the other two to watch them while dealing with vertigo, way to go!


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