Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday moments of joy

It's Friday and we are still hunkered down do to my vertigo and Henry's pneumonia   
He had a little cough on Sunday.  Monday we kept him home to be overly cautious.  Tuesday he sounded great.  Wednesday he had school and skiing with daddy.  Thursday he woke up with a cough that sounded different.  So 'mama gut' said bring him in.  And so glad I did.  He doesn't show any symptoms besides an occasional cough.  And an occasional runny nose. But he had quite the crackly lungs.  AND he is full of energy.  I guess that is a good thing. 

As this Friday settles in on our house we are trying to catch up on putting laundry away. 
Thankful for the steam dry mode on my dryer so I can fluff Ed's shirts and pants so they are fresh and wrinkle free. 

It has been a while since I posted some instagram phone pics.  So here are a few from the last few weeks.  March 1st has arrived and the idea of spring doesn't seem like an impossible thing.  Snow is melting.  The kids can play outside more comfortably...if only we got fresh snow more often.  And the sun makes an appearance and warms our living room in the afternoons.  

Things I am thankful for and capture with my phone....

The fact that my children are still yearning to play under my feet...or watch Daniel Tiger under my feet, literally.  

New snow causes us all to pause and take in the enormous snow plows that come barreling down our street.  When I was a teacher we had bus safety days at the beginning of the year and one year we had a snow plow safety presentation that was soooooo valuable.  For children to stand next to the plow and wheels...and realize how large those machines are, what a lesson for them to learn.  

Sydney loves to swing in the snow. 
She helps "shubble."
And she loves to try to walk on ice. 

She still rises early and sometimes cuddling on the couch with her sticker book is where my peace is found.  

And at dinner she is my helper...cutting up play-dough gives her a job she is proud of.  

I am enjoying the fact that my three have started playing all together. 
Syd keeps right up and gives the boys a challenge as she grabs up the best toys during their games. 
And we are learning quickly that the typical third child phrase, "Just give it to her." could create a monster of a little teen.  So we try hard not to "just give it to her."

The cookies that I thought Ed had taken to work, were actually hidden in an upper cupboard that I came across.  They are no longer hidden.  Just sayin'

This week we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday with some green eggs and ham.  

It's Friday and the path that our weekend takes will be determined by all the variables that come with a family of five.  Trying to balance all the must dos with the things that we want to do.  Throw in there the sick stuff and the naps and the moods of five people...
Either way, the fact that tomorrow is the weekend means daddy is home and that brings cheers from the kiddos (and me).  
Like Sydney who doesn't let anything stop her as she treks around our yard in the snow, we'll make the most of all our moments and hope that there are more joyful moments and less  face plants and snow down your mitten moments.  

Happy Friday, friends!

Happy Weekending!


Jennie Henry said...

The snowplow just reminded me if winter, last winter or maybe the winter before..but anyway we had a big snow and we were all out in the driveway shoveling and talking with neighbors who were shoveling and a now plow comes down the street, just a pick up truck type plow, nit the big city truck. It was flying and my daughter was standing in the sidewalk. Everyone saw what was coming but no one could get there fast enough.....he plowed right past her throwing the snow all over her. I guess everyone outside, multiple kids, etc didn't make him think to slow down. Jerk. She was fine, but it was a good lesson. Never stand too close to the street when the low comes by. :). Happy Friday! Jennie

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I am ready for the weekend. Wish it could start tonight but it is another single parenting night for me. Today is off to a rougher start. I am thankful that for now my kids are playing together and not arguing...for the moment.
Cookies - I have a weakness for all things chocolate, sigh.


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