Wednesday, February 27, 2013

thanks, friend.

A good friend wrote to me recently,
"I am truly inspired by you--have gotten so much out of your blog and watching you over these years and will continue to leech information, tips, and ideas from you forever!!  I could never be as brave to put myself out there like you do with your blog.  It takes a lot of courage to share.  The gifts and talents you have and share, and life you choose to live, cannot be compared to anyone else."

Those words I have read multiple times in the last few days. 
I am someone who tends to get paranoid and anxious when I over think things. 
I worry I am disappointing Ed, my family, my kids, my friends.
I worry that what I choose to do each day isn't valued by all those people.

This friend that typed that to me gave me something to tuck into my pocket and pull out when I have an afternoon where the dirty dish pile is looming, the kids are cranky, and all I want to do is escape. 
 Her words are/were a gift.

Each of us has the chance to make a life for ourselves...
and sometimes a broken ankle, a case of the stomach flu, a change in jobs, or a spilled glass of milk at breakfast...can disrupt the momentum that we are feeling.

But it is the changes in momentum that bring about new adventures, new challenges, and new realizations about what's important to you. 
And if we get caught up worrying about what others are thinking.
It can only bring us down, because we forget to take note of what our own thoughts are.

I am a person who very much appreciates when good friends build me up.
Even when they don't know that building up was needed.
I care what they think and feel, and I am glad they remind me that...

"the life I choose to lead can not be compared to anyone else."
Because, it is my life. 
It is my building and changing and growing.

Thank you friend.
Your little note meant the world.  
And is a great reminder what power words can have for a friend.

On a side note, getting your little girl a dollhouse so that you, the mama, can rearrange the furniture and play house makeover without spending money or hurting your back pushing around furniture...

 kinda awesome.
Just like the grandma's hair in the picture above. 

It's Wednesday.
Daddy's off skiing with Hankers.
Syd is waking from a nap.
We will get bundled and pick up Chuck and head to the ski hill to snap a few pics of our brave skier.

Time to get that moody girl up...the one who drew all over multiple walls this morning when she snagged a random marker from a bucket where markers don't belong.  I don't think magic eraser will take orange marker off a wood door?   ugh.  


Raina and Andy said...

Those comments? Sooooo needed. So glad someone gave that to you, make sure you give it right back to someone. Pay it forward. Rr. Ps I want to play with that dollhouse

Roz said...

So THAAAAT'S where that damn valance goes...We don't have a window in our dollhouse to support if you need an extra valance, it's all yours. Gotta love the grandma's hair...I usually stage the house in which the Dad is in the kitchen and the mom is resting in bed taking a nap...Perhaps we can arrange a dollhouse playdate soon. I'll pack up our things into a giant suitcase and we can set up a neighborhood.
(and you think I'm kidding...) ha!

Great supportive note you shared! What a gift.
I too love your blog. I've really enjoyed getting to peek in on your highs and lows, challenges and true perfections as a mother. Many times, more than you know, you have re-defined, reminded and re-directed my thinking some days on motherhood. Days when your blog post has been just the thing I need to put a spring in my step and start a fresh day with my kids---forgetting the mishaps that may have happened the day before. So thank you--thanks for sharing your world with all of us!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post, Sarah. I, too, look forward to reading each installment of your blog and find it helpful, thoughtful (and thought provoking), fun, useful and just plain enjoyable to read. My love language is "words of appreciation" so I totally understand how much a little note means and how much joy can be felt from that. On a much lighter note, doesn't it bug you that you must put dollhouse furniture in front of doors and windows? It drives me crazy and squelches my desire to do "dollhouse design". Not only that, but the feng shui is non-existent. ;)

Happy night,

Beth said...

Amen, sister!!! I still have to remind myself that I can't worry about what others think! As my daughter struggles with similar concerns, I find myself realizing this is something we'll deal with throughout our lives! You offered a timely reminder.


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