Wednesday, February 20, 2013

brick teamwork

Sometimes a mama knows that packing up the troops and getting out of the house is what's best for everyone.  Especially, after a weekend where mama didn't feel good...and a few of the kids too.  

So without friends or a lot of stuff...meaning no snacks or water bottles...just a diaper, some wipes, and mama's camera...we took off to a nearby children's engineering type museum. 

And in one corner of the place there is an area of blocks.
I got them started with two layers of blocks.
From there...these two took off...

Charley wandered in and then it got exciting.
So exciting that other moms and dads and kids came in and commented on their building technique and teamwork.  This mama, who was sitting on the sidelines snapping pictures and sipping my Starbucks Latte...was in her glory. 

They all did their part!

Some more than others :)
Man, it's fun to have the biggest brother home for a Monday.

They all had smiles.

And as it got too tall for the kids...I encouraged them to go inside and burst through that wall of bricks.  Charley would not even consider it. 
But after some insisting and some explaining that if they didn't do it...someone would.

They gathered inside, all three of my crew.

And with an audience...
I counted to three...

I'm glad they got to break it down!  

At Syd's school there is a break out time for the mamas and one of the weeks we discussed sibling relationships and how we as parents can help foster this relationship so they enjoy each other and hopefully take advantage of the greatest gift we have given them - each other.  

I think one of the most valuable things you can do for your children can be the most them chances to focus on each other, in different environments, doing different tasks that challenge each person in their own way, without the distraction of outside friends.  Having a mama friend sitting next to me sipping her latte would have been such a joy...but, then again,  I might have missed this moment.  Balancing these opportunities is a mama's challenge.  And this week, I sure am glad I captured this moment on film and in my memory.  


Roz said...

Fun!! Missed your posts! Didn't realize how much I look forward to them in the wee hours of the morning...when it's still dark and I have my coffee next to me! Welcome back! Am trying to get back into a rhythm of regular posting myself. (sigh)

The Tompkins Family said...

Oh my gosh, how cute is your family?! I love Syd's outfit so much!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

love it and I'm glad your feeling better! Being momma of 3 while being sick is against the law isn't it? Love those moments that the kids get along and love being with each other too. Way to take advantage!

Beth said...

Cute outfit, Sydney! Such team work! I would like to say we have the same commordory here but two very competitive sisters makes for lots of clashes! We'll keep working on it...I actually think it helps for my two girls to spend time with each other during their limited free time vs. hooking up with their respective friends. We can easily get over committed, to the extent my girls can go an entire weekend without seeing each other. I'm learning family time is important too!

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