Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Life has felt overwhelming lately with all sorts of things going on. 
I fell way behind on blogging .. 
I haven't been reading blogs or writing any...
and I miss it.  

I have a load of pictures to sift through, thoughts to sort out, and words to organize in my head. 
Let's see if I can hold back and post with self control or if you get one hour of post after post after post. 

Where are you at these days?  How are you?  Anyone still out there?


Anonymous said...

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shellycoulter said...

I can so relate. Hope life has been good for you! We spent a good chunk of the morning at a friends for a playdate and mommy-date. :) Now I have three loads of laundry to fold but instead I'm drinking a Diet Dr Pepper and looking at blogs. Ha, real productive, right?! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes - still out here and checking your blog every day!!! Glad you are back and thinking of you/hoping you are girls had the flu last week and now Jimmy is sick w/ cough/cold/fever. Can't wait to get caught up w/ your life =). Jamie Trampe

Jessica said...

I'm glad you posted that picture because that's exactly what my kitchen, well whole house, looks like. Glad to know other people struggle too. JG

Anonymous said...

welcome back to the real world (real world=blog world) hahaha. can't wait to see pictures. RR

Anonymous said...

I was about to call you and see how you were doing, since I didn't see a new blog post for a while! I missed it :) I'm glad you guys are up and running again ;)-Katherine

Anonymous said...

welcome back!!

Beth said...

I've missed reading your blog! Glad your feeling human once again! Bummed we're not heading to FL this year; wouldn't you know, I was actually looking forward to it! :-)

Danifred said...

Yes, yes, and yes. Life is so overwhelming these days. Although it may take me much longer, I'm still out here :)


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