Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life round these parts...


Life is just zipping by here. 
I can't seem to keep my feet on the ground and I feel a sense of panic each afternoon around 2:30...a mix of I haven't gotten anything done or how do I get anything done type thing.  
I have so many things on my list I want to be working on, but I also realize that this at home time with my kids is not about to do lists.  So the daily battle of balancing the must do stuff with the would like to do stuff with the kids wants and needs is ongoing.  

Here's a little catch up on each of our littles.

The littlest:

Napping has resumed.  Thank goodness.
She goes down easy peasy again. 
But she wakes like a moody teenager.  Can't stand it.  

She is a little chatter box lately...but still has little Syd phrases...these are my favorite:
sap: sit on lap
gup: get up
shoot, there's one more but now my mind is blanking!  

She loves coloring and her sticker book.  But both of these things require close supervision because markers are meant for paper and not for our floor or walls (grrr..).  And stickers, well stickers are for paper or the fancy sticker book she has.  Not for windows and furniture.  

She is obsessed with the stairs and our safety gates.  
She isn't eating much, not enough for this mama's piece of mind.  
But, at her check up the doc didn't seem to be worried so we are trying to just go with the flow.  

The oldest:

This poor kid experienced the horror of throwing up at school last Friday. 
The stomach bug was a weird one in our house.  Charley threw up once at the end of the school day and that was it.  Do you call that the stomach bug?

He also chose to participate in the Learning Fair and his project is due tomorrow.  We turned it in today fearing the snow they are alluding to on the news might impact getting it there tomorrow.  
We thought learning about the history of Lego would be fun. 
Did you know that if you want to talk about more than one Lego you should say Lego bricks or Lego pieces.  There isn't a plural form of the word Lego, since it is the name of the company.  No wonder every time I type about "legos" the computer tells me I am misspelling it.  

Daddy and Charley went snow tubing at a really cool sled hill that is connected with the local ski hill.  They came home with the biggest smiles and both claim that I would LOVE it and would squeal all the way down.  Charley said he almost screamed.  Ha!  

The lucky duck in the middle!

This kid got to go skiing with daddy the other day. 
I fed him lunch and then daddy picked him up and they left.  That afternoon Ed texted me the picture above telling me that Henry was claiming I didn't feed him lunch.  I will admit I had to think long and hard because occasionally, lunch is just one long snack here.  But that day, I actually fed him a good helping of french toast and breakfast sausage.  I would say from the picture that the kid looks guilty of lying to his daddy.  And I had to laugh at the guy in the background.  

Henry is ready for spring - I am constantly telling him to stop jumping on furniture, running in the house, and throwing things.  Spring can't get here soon enough for this kid.  

Life here with our trio keeps us busy and Ed and I are careful to not just function as two ships passing at sea.  We have been enjoying the Downton Abbey season three and are sad that it has ended.  I am determined to find something new for us to enjoy together.  

On Ed's birthday, a.k.a. Valentine's Day, we were really cool and went to a college basketball game. He got the afternoon off so we could go downtown early and enjoy some beverages with some good friends.  We felt so hip being out and doing something other than our typical dinner around the block.  
Thanks Casey and Katie for thinking of us and hanging out.  SO FUN!
And thanks Grandma Charlie for coming to watch the kiddos.

We have started making progress on moving forward with our bathroom remodel.  Our new bathtub is taking up space in our basement for the time being.  AND We actually stepped foot in a tile shop ...where I became completely overwhelmed with choices.  Ed has spent a good amount of time cleaning it up so it is ready to actually take the first step ...closing up the big whole in the floor and I am actually starting to get antsy to reclaim this space as our place to shower and get ready each day...and maybe enjoy a glass of wine and a book while soaking in the tub.

That's about all for now. 
Syd's napping and Henry is itching for a little mama attention. 
Laundry needs to be swapped in the machines and folded on the couch. 
A dinner plan needs to be concocted.  
and that's how we roll...

Thanks to all those that emailed or commented about my return to the blog.  Made my day and motivates me to make time for this.  It is my hobby and my place of inspiration - and it is more fun to have interaction with it.  If you comment and your email isn't attached to your profile I can't easily reply to you,  but know that I appreciate the time you take to share a thought.     


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I just purchased one of those tri fold project boards this morning for a science fair project that needs to be wrapped up soon.
I am not so motivated today to get anything done, but we did venture to a new library while out and have devoured some books. Maybe in this last hour before school gets out I will get something completed.

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

I'm happy you're back..ask RR...she'll tell you. I've been complaining about a lack of blogs to read lately! With Enjoying the Small Things having her new baby, and you on a blog vacation..I've been lost.
Thanks for coming back!
Today I:
-Spent time with kids
-Presented for an hour for a new company
-Ate lunch alone and stayed an extra 45 min to read my book
-Napped for about a half hour.
It was bliss.

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Anonymous said...

For Syd (and Mom piece of mind): I recommend Crayola Mess Free Color Wonder Coloring Pads and Markers. A total Godsent, which, come to think of it, we usually use in church. HA!

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