Friday, January 11, 2013

Rainy Friday rambles...

It's Friday afternoon. 
We just took a stroll down the lane to get Charley and it was we grabbed Syd's new umbrella for something new and exciting.  
Threw her off balance while teetering on snow piles...and she plopped into a puddle.  
And so it goes....

We have had a good day.  
Love that when going into a weekend. 
Glad Ed will be returning home...after the vertigo and no heat day yesterday....yes, I mentioned it again, because as a mama when we make it through days like that we need to rejoice and keep reminding ourselves we managed well.  

Charley starts basketball, pinewood derby cars need work, friends are coming for an overnight visit. 
And in between all the must do stuff and the fun exciting stuff...I am looking forward to cozy mornings with our new coffee maker that doesn't leak all over the counter.  

Christmas up north involved the introduction of the app Candy Crush.  Holy COW!  It is a time sucker and an obsession.  Geez!  I don't even know why it keeps drawing me in.  

I haven't done a links I love post for a while so I am going to link up a few things...and I know you don't always have time to sit down and watch them at once...but it is something to return to in the morning when you wake early and no one else is up and your coffee is steaming and it is quiet...who am I is never just me up early.  Whether you have the ideal early morning blog reading moment or are a few of my favorites...again, I only post ones that I really really love!  

Why Moms are Heroes  by Finding Joy

This guys wedding speech is amazing.  Worth watching...although I only made it to minute 6 so far!

If you like current pop music you will find this pretty cool!

Any links you could share?
Any plans for your weekend?


Stepping On Cheerios said...

I have nothing interesting to share but I LOVE the photos with the umbrella. Oh, and I'm not jealous of the snow, not at all! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I watched the whole wedding video with a huge smile.huuuuge smile. Then i Just let myself have a good ol happy cry at the end. Amazing. Rr

Anonymous said...

Here is a great link to a neat music video (you might have seen this on my Facebook):

(Actually the girl in the video reminds me of Sydney when she grows up for some reason - like if I could picture her grown up, this would be what I picture.)

I also love the pictures of her w/ the umbrella and can't wait to check out your videos when I have more time! Plans this weekend - Amber's 5th bday party this Sunday - fun! Jamie Trampe


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