Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday joys

Friday iphone picture joys....

 New slippers that will last a lifetime, I hope. 
They were on sale, so the selection was limited.  
I think they are fun...Charley likes the root beer and pretzel design too.  :)

I am making dinner these days.
Some nights it's healthy like this...

But we are also indulging in homemade ice cream.
Last weekend we made peanut butter ice cream with chunks of peanut butter cups in it.  
It was delicious.  Brought a win by the Packers.  

I also got one of these and we tried just a basic oj pop. 
Syd sat and savored that whole Simply Orange treat. 
I need to spend some time finding some healthy recipes for this machine. 

Even the toy dinosaurs are demanding to eat these days.  
Syd is very into playing dolls and kitchen.  It is really cute. 

 One of her favorite books these days is a potty book that Grandma Barb gave the boys. 
She shows interest so we went to get a potty.  
Here she is approving of the very girly princess pot. 

 Don't worry.  She pooped on the floor right next to it.  
So these days we are just practicing saying "POTTY!" while doing a somewhat potty dance and running and sitting on it with our clothes on.  Then standing up and shouting "DONE!"
I am all about waiting until my kiddos are ready.  So there is no effort being made by this mama to get this started.  I like my girl in diapers for now.  

But it is sure cute to see her showing her brother her knew seat when he got home from Preschool.

Otherwise, it is basically a fancy booster seat for the couch.  

Friday is here.  
Daddy returns from some work travel.
I am sure he is excited to get back and see that his wife is walking steady with less vertigo going on. 
I am sure he is anxious to see that the heat is back in working order too. 
Man, yesterday was an exhausting day for this mama.  An 8pm bedtime for us all was just what we needed.

And a 5am wake time for all three was the result.  
Let me tell you the amount of joy I was feeling looking out at our dark neighborhood while I was scrambling eggs at 7am.  I tried to explain to the boys that everyone else in the world was sleeping...not going on hour three of being awake.  But it's true what they say,  Early to bed, early to rise....and mamas are much happier when they got a good night rest.  

We, Sydney and I, are off to a new session of ECFE class this morning.
It is booked up with friends that we know....a different experience since typically ECFE is a time when we meet new mamas and littles.  Change is good.   But Miss Syd knows it is today and is looking forward to her school time with Ms. Shari. 

Other than that we are settling in for a nice weekend with a little of everything.  

What were your joys this week?

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The Tompkins Family said...

Joys of the week...keeping my goals of no sugar and getting the kids outside to play every day.

Love the picture of Syd with her shoes on the wrong feet...a sweet piece of evidence of the "mama, I do it!" stage!


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