Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm back...I think.

*Our internet has been on the fritz and we have been busy making ice cream.  I think we are back up and running now.  Blogging should resume with a furious photo bomb and holiday posting free for all, hopefully soon.  Be warned.  As soon as I have a minute to sit down with this machine and upload and organize my thoughts you will get bombarded by the For the Love of Naps.  Until then iphone pictures will have to do.

*I made it to the gym yesterday morning in the early morning for the first time in over a month. Good thing because homemade chocolate ice cream is delicious.  The workout  felt good.  Anyone want to cheer each other on using the fitness pal app let me know.  I am looking for motivation to get back in the swing of working out.

*Henry turns 5 tomorrow.  Gulp.

*Ed has dreams of our family skiing in Vale someday.  I really really want to make that happen for him, hence the working out.  It is that time of year when he wants to put the boys on skis.  Last night I admitted to him that downhill skiing and our children make me want to cry when I think about it.  I know I am over-thinking it, and I know that it is a great sport.  But at this age when they are lacking the common sense....all I see are accidents whether it is a collision down the hill or going after a dropped glove on the chair lift.  Sigh.

Must. get over this.

**magna tiles finally made their way into our home. Yipee!

*Last night Ed and I agreed that Syd has been watching more TV than we would like.  Charley probably didn't watch any until he was 2.  Henry probably only watched when Charley was watching.  We found a show, Danial Tiger's Neighborhood, that Syd will sit and watch and because of our holiday travel we embraced her love affair with Daniel.  Syd is not a good traveller like her brothers.  But since Daniel came into her life 4-6 hour car rides took a turn to amazing.  We literally did not have to stop during our trip to both my parents and Ed's parents this year for Christmas.  A Christmas gift to Ed, a road tripper who does not appreciate touring multiple roadside bathrooms.  Anyways, Daniel, and TV in general, will be visiting far less frequently from now on.  But if you haven't seen Dainel Tiger's Neighborhood....It's a good one.

*In between holiday celebrations we enjoyed some very mellow days at home.  We didn't go and do anything.  We didn't have playdates.  We just hung out and did our after Christmas thing.  Long days in pjs, playing with our new toys, and hanging out as a family is what Christmas break is all about.  And mama furiously trying to clean, purge, and organize while taking down all the holiday decor.   We did go get an oil change one morning and I couldn't help but feel so blessed that Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood made this moment of sipping coffee in peace during an hour and a half long car appointment possible.

The other hour plus was spent following this little girl all over the show room floor. 

*Jokingly Ed was gifted a quesadilla maker for Christmas with the tag to the guy who's wife doesn't make dinner.  I helped come up with the tag and it was all just a joke.  I do make dinner most nights, but when I don't, or he doesn't let me know he is going to be late (a common thing amongst engineers - ask my mom) and we eat before he gets home, he often makes himself cheese quesadilla which drives me nuts.  But I do want to make it clear I make dinner.

 *Happy New Year.  We spent our evening battling it out on the wii with the boys.  Then we enjoyed a cocktail and a little friendly competition as husband and wife all while pretending we were hanging out with my sister and Andy thanks to Facetime.  Love that technology.

*Charley starts school again today.  Routine will be good.  He was gifted a bonus day since I thought he started yesterday and didn't realize it until late Tuesday night.  Henry started yesterday though.  I could tell it was time.  It has been too cold to do much outside with Syd in the picture and when the boys are asking more often for know it is time to send them back to school.

*Today Syd and I will complete "Operation find gifts that will thrill our boy turning five tomorrow."  Man, I wish Henry and Syd weren't born so closely to Christmas.  It makes the present task a bit tricky.   Then we will be baking a cake and decorating it with a cake topper of Henry's choosing.

*i wonder if anyone is still out there reading my rambles.  Would love to hear what's on your mind?  What gifts were under your tree?  What your resolutions are?  What's for dinner?  Or just a hello!?


Anonymous said...

LOVE Daniel Tiger. It's my 30 minutes to get stuff done b/c my kids sit-- completely mesmerized.

I have 2 boys who were born in Feb. The + side of birthdays after christmas-- THE SALES!!! Toys 50% off-- LOVE THAT!! I scored big at Target yesterday! YEAH ME!!

Dinner- leftover veggie lasagna! YUM! Dinner tomorrow- salmon, asparagus and rice! Oh- and a little reisling for this Big Momma!

Happy Thursday!! AK

Anonymous said...

I love your rambles and glad you are back! My kids love Daniel Tiger too - Evelyn once sang one of the songs from the show in her sleep - ha! Amber's 5th birthday was yesterday - I know what you mean about b-days close to Christmas....1 in dec, 1 in jan, 2 in feb! Dinner tonight is slow cooker chicken stroganoff. Have a great day! Jamie Trampe

Crystal said...

I'm still here! Peyton headed back to school today too - he's in kindergarten and was not ready to go back. So hard to see him cry and have to turn around and leave. Me and Grace are just hanging out today, getting ready to eat a frozen pizza for lunch and hopefully cuddle up for a nap! That is about all I feel like doing today.

Anonymous said...

I am still here and reading, too! Favorite gifts under the tree for the kiddos were: E: tix to a concert for she and I M: big wooden building blocks M: a book with recorded reading by her Gma and Gpa Me: my magnetic board. Dinner tonight may be leftover bowtie chicken caesar salad. My January 2013 goals are to take better care of myself--breakfast each morning, more sleep, more exercise and a bit less wine. ;) Kids at school for day 2 today. Loving that it's a Thursday, so no gym for E. M and I are off to have a grilled cheese for lunch.

Happy Day to you,

Theresa said...

Well if you find any amazing gifts for a 5 year old right after Christmas let me know...we're right behind you :) Happy Birthday to Henry!

The Tompkins Family said...

Hi, friend! Still reading...just commenting less since I do most of my reading on the iPad. We got a little carried away with tv with all of our traveling too. I want to keep it a novelty so that when we DO travel, it works that well!

Addler Daycare Crew said...

Over here too! I fell into a blogging slump in December...just couldn't get the energy, organization or drive to blog. Boy did I miss it though...funny how our minds work, no? My heart dropped into my stomach when you were talking about skiing and chair lifts...then I laughed as it would be one of my crazy worries too (I hate chair lifts...and have only gone skiing one time because of it)! Thanks for rambling--love to check in and read the rambles!
Happy New Year!

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

still here.
Holidays were fun--taking our time opening up the boxes, though..making them count.
didn't have to referee amongst my babies at all today..this is a BIG deal for me!
dinner was a healthy version of fried rice...soooo yum with yellow squash and peppers. delish.

Kim said...

I of course am always reading ;) And we too are Daniel addicts. We don't watch it every day, but when we do Lainey makes sure I turn the theme song loud so we can dance, but then turn it back down so its not to loud to watch the show.


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