Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday joys

Here is a photo bomb of 'pure joy' moments from the last week. 

Married for 10 years (back in July).
Celebrating in our home state of Wisconsin.
In the frozen tundra.
$15 hot chocolate, in a collector cup, with spirits (Bailey's) and some toe warmers kept this wife warm.
Dinner out, a movie or two, and some quiet time with the one I love. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Greg, Liz, Raina, and Andy for caring for our busy tribe so we could "get away" for a little moment together.  

Different ages.
Different stages.
But all cute. 

 Bringing out games from the depths of Grandpa Bob's basement.
This year...Pig Pong.
Many smiles.
Lots of laughs. 
Liz judges.
Everyone very intensely trying to win...with patience and good spirit. 

Hugh's first Christmas.
A handsome gentleman.
Busy and moving but also laid back and cool. 
Of course VERY handsome. 

Grandpa Bob moments. priceless. 
Sipping mimosas while grandpa sitting Hugh Lou who was sucking on a martini coaster.  

Cookie platters and Pinterest "nailed it" moments. 
marshmallows on sticks. 

And little boys who thrilled me by chomping them up.

Getting in the picture.
This mama...trying to relax and know that me being there and in a few pictures will be valued some day. 

ahhhh.  sigh.
Bloody Mary's made by my hubby. 

Because this lady has proven  that having a good time and being captured enjoying those moments is what life is all about.  
My mom, the hostess with the mostest, knows how to host long to vegetarians, diary free eaters, gluten free eaters, husbands that have odd last minute requests, a son in law that prefers ham over turkey, son in laws that love up their expensive scotch, children who love her cookie cut out finger jello...and more. 

Little girl Sydney who plopped down at people's feet just like this. 
And bounced.  
with joy.  watching them open.

And totally getting the opening gift thing this year. 
Loving up her new bath doll.  

The three boy cousins being spoiled by their Grandma Barb. 
She out does herself with tons of special things that keep them busy, make them squeal, and smile. 

 Grandma Barb not only hosted the weekend but took on my three so we could escape over night to the  Packer game.  
She got some good Sydney time and sometimes when mama is away, that is when the best bonding can happen. 

 A weekend that can be described as Super.
Especially, since Superman showed up. 

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Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

Looks like you had some absolutely lovely holiday moments! Lots of love there! Beautiful photos!

Happy Friday!

jessica said...

Your Dad's Christmas vest is awesome!

You captured some great moments! Fun to see you in some pictures!

Raina and Andy said...

I think it was spiderman who showed up! Awesome pictures.....went to fast. Rr

kat said...

What beautiful memories!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

Happy Anniversary & Happy New Year!!!!! Why or why do I keep forgetting to make Bloody Mary's????

Amanda said...

I love all of your fun Christmas photos!! Looks like such great times with family :) That is so important! I also love the marshmallows on a stick, fabulous! Thanks for stopping by Chaos & Coffee :) Have a great day!!

Theresa said...

Such a great picture of you and your husband. I also especially like the one with the three boys lined up opening gifts. Looks like a fun family gathering!


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