Thursday, January 3, 2013

Santa 2012

This year we were at my mom and dad's house on Christmas day. 
It was our travel home day.  But we decided to have Santa come there instead. 
The boys hoped he would come.  They put out cookies and milk.  Henry sprinkled some reindeer food that he had made at school in Grandpa's backyard.  
And off to bed they went, to dream of sugar plums...or Lego sets, dinosaurs, and baby dolls.

When Charley was born and he met my Grandma S. she gave him a stocking she had made. 
I have since been able to get my hands on one other original stocking made by her.  Last year I was lucky enough to have Ed's aunt and Ed's sister help assemble three more for our family.  Originally, I had figured once our family was "complete" we would invest in fancy stockings with our names on...but, I have grown up and I have realized that touches from our past are what make Christmas.

Santa brought Charley his biggest wish...a big Lego set, the police station was named many times when asked what set he wished for. 

Henry asked for this big dinosaur which cracked me up.  
After Christmas, Henry shared that two kids from his class brought this in to share on their sharing day.  So now we know why it was his big ticket item.  

And Syd got a new baby doll and a big girl stroller. 

 Each got a few other things and their stockings were loaded with fun treats.  

My tribe of three real believers must have been on Santa's good kid list.  I would have to say they made a great haul from the man in the red suit.  

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Raina and Andy said...

soooo special that santa found them at grandma b's house!! love it. i KNOW they were on santa's good list. i bet that dinosaur makes it on eli's list next year ;) RR


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