Friday, January 25, 2013

How does Syd celebrate her day 2

Syd woke up on her birthday requesting eggs, strawberries, and a big cheesy grin.

She took calls from many who loved her and wanted to wish her well. 

She ate boxes  she unwrapped presents...
Our family gave her a doll house, outfitted with all the fun accessories.
I scored this beauty on Craigs list...for a steal...and when I picked it up the mom had it all set up to show me all the bells and whistles.  She admitted that she was more sad to see it go.  She remembered fondly setting up each night thinking her girls would play with it, but they hadn't touched it for a year or two.  So she was saying goodbye.  

When she opened it all three kiddos were so excited and trying to shove the furniture in all the WRONG places.  I got all panicked and Ed put his hand on my shoulder and quietly reminded me,
"You can play fix it all when they go to bed."  Sigh.  The truth comes out.  It was missing a bathroom set up and the parents bedroom...rumor has it that Aunt Raina is giving her the potty of her dreams.  And I couldn't help but order the parent's bedroom set already.  

We also gave her a vacuum.  The boys had a vacuum at one point that I had gotten at a garage sale.  It broke pretty early after the purchase.  When I read the review of kid vacuums one mom stated that her three year old son played with his vacuum for 6 hours straight the day he got it.  SOLD.  And she has been zipping around with hers too. 

Our other gift was a new stool.  The girl carries around the bathroom stools all. the. time. 
And it kinda grosses us out due to the boys and their bathroom habits.  So this stool is for outside of the bathroom...for all the hard to reach places her curious little self needs to investigate.  I will probably regret encouraging this. 

I made homemade vanilla ice cream for our girl.  She loves ice cream. 
But we felt sad there wasn't cake so today we whipped up some cupcakes for her little birthday evening with her cousins Hughie and Eli. 

She wasn't a fan of the sparkler trick candles.  

I think she had a pretty nice day for a new to two little girl. 
I can tell this is going to be a year of growth in so many ways...
I am ready for my third child's second year...I can't wait to see the adventures that come with a two year old little girl!  


The Tompkins Family said...

So precious! Looks like the perfect day!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - she is such a beauty! Jamie Trampe

Roz said...

Cute! Love the piggy tails!
Let me know how you set up the gourmet kitchen...we need to talk floor plans.

Do you have the minivan yet? By far the key item to the house! :) In fact, I would say you need two...ha! Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I love the cardboard box in the mouth picture! Hope she enjoys her potty for her new dollhouse! Rr

Danifred said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like an amazingly perfect day.


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