Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Kid Syd is 2!

My kid Syd turns 2 today.

And I wanted to write a brilliant and sappy post.
Sharing about her year of 1 with a recap of all her major milestones and moments.
But honestly, I can't. 
Today, I keep telling myself to breathe. 
Today, I keep looking at her and am just so glad she is here. 
She no longer is a baby, and yet she still is, and always will be. 
She might consider herself at moments a big when asked to sit in her booster seat at the table or ride in the shopping cart at the store...all things that will make me pull my hair out this year of 2.  
The only thing I know for sure is she is my little girl. 
My spunky Syd. 
We didn't know who you were going to be when we drove to the hospital two years ago. 
And when they announced "Girl!" I know I had to think twice. 
But you are all girl with a great desire to keep up with your big brothers in all things boy, too. 
Converse High Tops continue to fit your personality better than any fancy shoe ...

This year marked your first broken beat your brothers with that milestone.

This year your pig tails grew longer but not thicker. 
Will your hair lose it's soft wispy-ness when you are 2?

Will your one word demands become clear sentences this year?

But I do know...your dimples will continue to grace those cheeks, your blue eyes will continue to sparkle brighter when the sky is blue too,  and your feet will still twirl when you sit relaxed.

We love you  Syd.  
Welcome to your year of 2. 

Here is a Sydney photo bomb.  
Love her too much to pick just one. 


The Tompkins Family said...

Happy Birthday sweet, sassy Syd!

Louise R said...

Your sentiments and the way you express yourself through words and photos are a joy Sarah! Thank you for sharing! :)

katie mattis sarver said...

Happy Birthday Syd!

Roz said...

Happy Birthday --and Happy Giving Birth Day! Two...boy that seemed to fly! Love love love the photo of her in the jeggings and white onesie. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Love Syd, love all the photos and the faces and the personality coming forth from this special 2 year old! See you soon! B

MOMOF2 said...

Happy Birthday!!!! We can't believe it has been 2 years. We still call you baby Sydney at this house : )
Have a super, silly day filled with sweets and love!!!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Loved all the pictures, so fun to look back. I especially am partial to the bib overalls and flower onsie, but then you know me and denim. Or her strutting her stuff at the 4th of July, priceless. Enjoy your weekend with family:)

Anonymous said...

Love so many of those shots. Love the one of her crying on the table. And the pink shirt pushing stroller. And 4th of July pic of her in cute dress. Love all baby pictures too.....awwwww rr


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