Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello Monday

This past weekend my mom and sister (and her crew of two) came to visit.  Well, they actually arrived LATE on Thursday night.  So glad they had two full days here.  When you travel with small ones ...time is valuable.  Packing and unpacking and spending more than 3 hours in the car (and for them it was near 5) is more annoying than enjoyable if you don't get to enjoy unloading, unpacking, and feeling like you settled in.  

We used to throw Charley, Henry, and Eli in the bath together. 
Now there are shifts.  Charley does his own thing since he takes up the whole tub.  

Syd and Hugh splashed a wee bit together.
And Eli and Henry had some giggles in the tub.  
This is the season. 

A friend wrote a reminder that her visits with her sister used to be a whirlwind of littles needing diapers, naps, feedings, entertaining.   But all of a sudden they are big enough to entertain themselves, feed themselves, chill out without the parents overseeing all the action.  So this weekend when it got a little chaotic, I had her whispering in my ear that in no time flat we won't have a wee little Hugh, toddling around picking up every little small item he could find.  Before long the boys wouldn't beg for us to play, and before long they would be bigger and we would be begging them to play games.  

It always seems like these types of weekends go too fast.  I go from anticipating their arrival to a sinking depression in the pit of my stomach - the realization that we live too far away to do this more often.  I LOVE having my sister here.  She gets to see our stomping ground, where we wake up to, the griddle I flip pancakes on multiple times a week, the non fun snack cupboard, the bins of toys and their locations.  She gets to hear the noises, the whines, the pitter pat of Syd's feet, the arguing between brothers, and the awesome parenting moments when I snap at my small tribe, because I am tired.  

And then I yearn to have that time at her house.  Seeing her get off to work at the break of dawn, return home to boys that show excitement for ALL moments of their days.  I can see where she sits at night, playing candy crush, next to her husband who brings her a plate of homemade nachos because, like all mamas...she sometimes forgets to eat.  I want to see where Eli settles in to play trains and what nooks and crannies Hugh tries to get himself lodged in....because I SO enjoyed having her boys here.  

And then there is Grandma Barb who tags along for moral support in the car.  She keeps Raina company, chatting, and laughing.  They drive all night to get here.  She helps in so many little ways that she thinks they go unnoticed, but it is the little things that are the most helpful.  Cleaning up the kitchen before putting her feet up at night, playing a game with her grand kids so the mamas can shower, following around a toddling little investigator so we can make lunch.  Taking one grand kid to Target and letting him give her a tour of the toy aisles so that her daughters can try and get a nap too.  And she leaves us with a ham to cook and some potatoes to bake so I have one less thing to worry about.  

Much fun was had.  More to share in the next few days. 
But today I am wiped out. 
Syd felt that 4:45 was a good time to wake for the day. 
Homemade waffles kicked off the week.  A double batch of batter should get us through a few meals.  
We shoveled this morning - just me and the kiddos.  And then got things packed up and everyone off to school.  Mama and Syd got our Target run in - passing friends, making small talk, and of course stopping at the bakery for the free kid cookie.  Something Sydney reminds me of throughout the entire shopping jaunt.  We did a quick stop at a friends and then picked up Henry from school.  I was hoping to catch a few zzz's this afternoon, but Syd took a LOT of work to get down - and somehow before we know's time to get Charley.  

This week I have decided I will make myself get to the gym EVERY. DAY.  
It makes me happier.  I can do it.  I just need to go to bed a little earlier.  I have been feeling down about not getting there and I think if I make myself get there for two weeks every day...I will be reminded how easy and good it is.  So we'll see how it goes.  It is my only big goal for the week.  Along with it I have to focus on getting to sleep at a decent hour and re-hydrating.  So excited to have some friends on My Fitness Pal logging their exercise and/or food.  So much more fun when you have friends cheering you on.  

It's Monday...and I will say that I am dragging.  
Probably from all the fun we had this past weekend. 
Or maybe it is just that mid winter drop in energy.  
Which is time to put on some music and hop to it around here.  


The Tompkins Family said...

Free cookies are the highlight of our grocery shops too! I try to hold out for as long as possible so that it takes up the end part.

Good luck at the gym, I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Such a lucky girl. Wish I had a sister. :(


p.s. Now I feel bad about telling you to skip the gym. Well...not really. Ha!


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