Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Henry turned five...a bit ago.

 Henry turned five.
And I have realized that buying a 21 dollar cake for a plastic toy is silly...unless you are having a party and there are going to be people to eat up the cake.  Instead, when it is family birthday years (because starting in Kindergarten we alternate between family and friend birthday years), I let the kids design their cake and I am all about making their cake when it is just us (because, this year only Charley ate a piece).  My solution to convincing them away from the overpriced cake from Target, because of the plastic toy on top....is to let them pick out a figure or thing to place on their cake.  So the box cake mix and the little lego set that he got to assemble made this boy happy.   And I was thrilled because, again..only Charley ate a piece.  

The rest of us were filled with homemade mac and cheese (with crunchies on top) and salad for dinner, his choice.

We celebrated on his birthday, January 4th.  
He opened lego set after lego set.  FireStations, Police Forest stations, Halo sets...and more.
He went to school and once again asked me to talk to his teachers so he didn't have to wear a crown or have anyone sing to.  He did bring donut holes for his birthday treat. 
He had a much anticipated first playdate with a new buddy from school. 
And he pondered his Saturday morning family choice activity for his birthday. 

When Saturday rolled around he decided to go with skiing. 
So off his dadday went, with his two little men to ski. 
They each took a lesson and then spent a little time on the hill with their pop.
Mama and Syd stopped by for a few pictures. 

This is Henry's second year on skis.  His shy personality leaves him last in line and often distracted by all that is going on around him.  He is so proud to go ski and he claims he doesn't need lessons...his mama insists otherwise.  I have a feeling this is the kid that daddy might get to teach...or private lessons may be be in order.  One on one time.  

Then there is this kid. 

Daddy got him set with his class, popped into the chalet to get Henry going, and came out to find Charley gone.  He was already up the chairlift.  Geez!  I am so glad I wasn't there to witness that.  Being a non-skier...I think the boys need a review before heading up the big hill.  
Charley went up and down the hill with his class, independently, for a good 90 minutes. 
I cry everytime I stand and watch him come down.  Not sobs..just tears that roll down realizing he knows what he is doing.  

Daddy grew up skiing.  And doing it well.  Their Grandpa Ed was also a very talented skier   
It may be in their blood.  
I'm just glad that my hesitation isn't holding our children back. 
When I spoke of worrying about my spouse's happiness yesterday...it is stuff like this that I am talking about.  Knowing what makes your partner's soul smile.  
And even if he isn't swishing down the hill himself, but rather standing at the base of the hill as a proud observer of his little crew, there is definite soul smiling.

 Happy Birthday, Henry. 
You are not only a little brother who looks up his big brother with such admiration. 
You are also a big brother, who is such a little friend and protector to your little sister. 
You are easy going and so content in life here at home with me.  
I don't want to move forward...I just want to stay right here in this season.
But, I also want to see where you go next, because the last year has been a year full of so much growth!  I know you will continue to astound us.

Love you, Hen!


Grandma Charlie said...

So good to see our happy boy on his special day!

Anonymous said...

glad Henry had a special day! skiing looks amazing for those boys. both look like naturals. can't imagine seeing my kiddos on a hill like that. next year make a gluten free cake with a lego topper, i'll eat it! RR


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