Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday talk...

I haven't settled on resolutions...except the normal...more patience, more water, better eating, more exercise...etc.  But one that is definitely in my head is that this year I want to spend more time learning my camera.  I want to read up again, and take some classes.  I was supposed to go to class tonight but there wasn't a sitter available.  But soon.  The first year I upgraded to this DSLR camera had me taking a class or two and reading lots.  This past year I just snapped a lot.  I want to balance a little reading with a lot of snapping. I know I over edit my pictures using picmonkey.com  So I want to also learn how to use Photoshop Elements. 

There was a coffee maker issue in the last two weeks.  Our old Mr. Coffee pot was leaking.  So before we had a huge mess we replaced.  A week later that new machine was also leaking.  With some input, thanks to Facebook, we have a new machine that is on day one without leaking.  


Waking up to the pot brewing and a new Daniel Tiger episode for Syd was a treat.  Her mornings have been early again.  The other morning it was 3:40.  Typically it is about 5:15.  So coffee and a little Daniel is vital for early morning survival.  So are morning tea parties when it is still pitch black out. 
The following picture was taken at 4:30.


Napping...For. the. Love. of. Naps.
Sweet love of naps.
They need to continue but they aren't a consistent thing for this gal. 
What is consistent is time in her bed.  
She hangs out if she doesn't nap.
She likes to keep me guessing on what days she will nap. 
Luckily, her personality doesn't let on that a nap is needed or was missed.  

She is playing baby and does make them nap. 
Cracks me up that she puts her baby's down to nap just like we do her. 
With a book propped in the corner, covered with a blanket, and a little friend close by.
Oh. And a pillow.  She is now a big girl with a pillow. 


Last week I failed on most of my goals. 
I got Vertigo when Ed was travelling.
Ed travelled which hinders getting to the gym because I am not chancing the stomach bug that probably would come out of putting the kids in the childcare room. 
Iworked out once.  I missed a day blogging.  Blah. Blah. Blah. 

But I am off to a good start this week.  
I got to the gym last night for the barbell class. 
I know I will be feeling that later today.  

Downton Abby is back. 
Sunday evenings are now my favorite night of the week. 
I love that Ed watches with me. 
I love that there are no commercials so I don't have to wait to tivo it so I can skip commercials. 
I love that many I love watch too. 
If you haven't tried it.  You should.  It really is such a great show.  The one liners that come out of it make both Ed and I laugh.  


Still looking for people who want to log their workouts on My Fitness Pal app.
You don't have to do the food logging...I don't do that consistent.  I love to eat too much. 
But seeing others workout motivates me.  
let me know!

I have been thinking about how different families do different things.
Spend money in different ways.
Prioritize different things.
Find various things more important than other things.
I really find it all so interesting.  
I love learning from friends and family about their passions and values, especially when they share to share and not to prove.  We all choose to do things in ways that work for our family when the time is right.  It is always good to remind ourselves that we were gifted our children because we were the best parent for them.  It is hard to always be confident in your choices and ideas when there is no one way to do things and there are so many great ways to do things. 

Kids get this better than us sometimes.
The boys were discussing movies that their friends have seen that we haven't.  
Charley replied to Henry, "They have different families."  This satisfied Henry. 
Love how confident Charley said that. 

Yesterday Charley had his first afterschool session of a Service Club. 
He came home pretty excited to share that the club started because a student had this great idea. 
His mom supervises.  There are 55 kids in it.  
Their first mission is to make cards for a local hospital.  
I am thinking our family will sit down and do a few together. 
Charley was in awe that this boy who started the club gave up birthday presents one year and instead asked people to give him towels so he could donate them to a local boys home.  
Sometimes I think that natural moments where he hears of other's kind acts...speak louder than me yammering on and on about things. 


Charley shared that he had to share something that he liked in a circle at school during a get to know you activity.  He said he couldn't think of anything.  He said he thought of cardinals or cowboys. And decided on cardinals.   I will admit that I am pretty sure I tipped my head with slight disappointment, believing that he was the silly kid during the activity.  I questioned why he wouldn't say Legos, Starwars, skiing, or hot dogs.  He responded, "Because it had to start with C.  and I couldn't think of anything and the other Charley said cats."  Ahhhh, faith.  We are getting to the age where Charley pushes it with things around here.  And I now see that those moments cause a ripple effect with my worries that he might be disrespectful outside of the home..since he tests his limits here lately.  But faith.  I need to have faith because he is a good kid.  And gosh, it is hard to think of something that starts with the first letter of your name sometimes.  Especially with new friends.  

I used to take Charley to storytime at the library EVERY. single. week.  We made friends there.  The librarians knew us.  Henry has been there a handful of times.  This morning I had the urge to take us there.  But he is just content being home.  So home we will be.  Sitting side by side, eating frosted mini wheats with milk for snack, and building legos. 

It's Tuesday.
And life is good.
Especially when you find the little things to savor during the day. 

2 posts today.  Henry's birthday was posted earlier if you didn't see. 


Jennie said...

4:30!?!?! I don't know how do it. You certainly ,must be Supermom :)

Roz said...

Okay...app' me up. You just have to lead me to it! Or I can have Sam find it for me. :) I log food in my calendar/journal (so far in 2013...we'll see how long I last). Hit up the track Monday morning. Plan on going again tomorrow morning. Need to brave it and add in a workout class.

One more note--have you read the book "Sleepless in America" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka? I saw her speak a few months ago and fell in love. Might be some tips in there to help keep Sidney in a deep sleep longer...which might actually lead to better naps? Just a thought :)

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Count me in to the my fitness pal app. I haven't worked out this week. I am going to.
Hoping to get a good nights rest tonight and not spend it up half the night with a coughing 4 year old. It isn't looking so promising right now, she's already thrown up twice from the coughing - It isn't the stomach bug - just to clarify.
If you can go to the gym while up at 5am then I can pull a up at night for an hour or three and still work out...I think:)

kat said...

"especially when they share to share and not to prove"-I loved this! It made me think about things that I share. Am I doing it to prove something? Prove I'm a good mom? Prove I'm a responsible adult? Thank you for giving me some food for thought!

Anonymous said...

eli saw the show Syd is watching lately. i almost took a picture of him on the couch staring at it. hahahaha! love her baby doll phase she is getting in to. love your rambles. syd better not get up that early when i get there. HA RR


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