Wednesday, December 12, 2012

slowing down means realizing...

I look back at this last month and am sad that ear infections, croup, hernia surgery, colds, bronchitis, and more have impacted our plans, moods, energy, and choices.  
But looking at our holiday prep and my sanity as the big week of celebration approaches at a very quick pace I can almost say that all this sick and illness has brought a more relaxed mama during this season.  

We have had to stay put.
We have had to put off Christmas shopping out and about and do more online shopping.
We haven't started baking, which means we haven't stressed over cookie bakes and how many cookies we are nibbling up as we pass through the kitchen. 
We haven't spent a ton of time with friends, but rather have embraced waking up and getting right to playing with our siblings. 

Sometimes, when our kids are run down or the unbelievable happens...mama gets forces us to slow down, focus differently, appreciate health, and the freedom it gives us to go and see and enjoy.
It hunkers us down to the cozy of the home we have made for our family. 
We are more deliberate with our time and when we will get out and tackle to do lists without little ones and when we will squeeze in the baking and wrapping during our at home days.  

Sometimes it gets everyone back on track to normal bedtimes and wakings.  Thank the Lord that Syd isn't waking at 5am anymore...knock on wood.  It means this mama has taken almost three weeks off from getting up in the too dark and too cold to go to the gym.  It means we have lived on less groceries and digging deeper in our pantry.  

Everything that HAS to get done this season WILL get done.  
And sometimes, when things have to slow down, we also realize that some things aren't 'must do items' anymore.  Some decorations don't have to be put out, some cookies don't have to get baked, and some holiday activities don't have to be attended.   And it is okay.

You realize it is the morning playdates, with blocks and your siblings, by the Christmas tree that are the moments that I will wish I could have back in 20 years.

As the crunch time of shopping, baking, and busy calendar activities start to happen remember that saying no to something is saying yes to something else.  And saying yes to something means saying no to other things.  It's okay to say no, even if you are feeling 100% and have the time.  And it is okay to say yes to something and let other things like the laundry mounding the couch go.  The important thing is that you are making the right choices for your family, your health, and your sanity.  

What December activity or tradition have you really enjoyed so far this December?  Do you struggle to not let the holiday happenings stress you out?  What things do you do during the day to bring you calm?

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