Monday, December 10, 2012

Kid activity: Easy kid holiday craft #2

Tonight's Easy holiday kid craft is brought to you by the left over junk in my craft closet and the fact that my family's dinner is on hold, so that I can type this up quick.

Cut some triangles (or have your kiddo do it).

Give your child some glue and a bunch of random craft stuff (beads, cheerios, noodles, stickers, yarn, sequins, gems, diamonds, cereal, buttons, foam stickers, etc) and challenge them to sort the items and glue them on different trees.

 For Syd's tree I put the glue dots on the tree and she just had to drop the items on the glue spots.

And the striped one I made for the I Heart Faces December photo's theme was stripes.

Then we took the trees and glued them to a piece of white paper that I cut in a wavy shape to act as the snowy ground.  Tough.

Keeping things easy, means keeping things real and possible.


1 comment:

shellycoulter said...

And this activity saved my sanity at dinner prep-time tonight! :) I'll post a pic on IG for ya! :) Thanks! :) I didnt' add the trees to a snowy scene though...maybe that can be tomorrow nights 4:30 activity! :)


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