Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday coffee chat...

Sometimes I think I type those posts, like this morning, so I process those thoughts and they feel real.  Because Holy Hannah...we got home from dropping boys at school and running a few Christmas present errands and I looked around and it is like a tornado hit.  The couch is mounded with laundry, toys are everywhere, and the kitchen is a smattered display of dirty dishes.  Geez.  So much for feeling relaxed.

Syd was playing with Henry's boots this morning.  Couldn't find them when it was time to depart.  He hasn't been to school in over a week.  We didn't know they were going to play outside today. (they don't normally in the winter).  Kinda annoyed that his school doesn't do email...I just feel like they could have shot me an email to let me know of some of the little things that he missed.  There were a few other things that could have been relayed too through the email. They felt bad they hadn't called.  Kinda disappointed.  At least he had his snow pants and the rest of his gear and hopefully just enjoyed the snow play in his shoes.

Does anyone else ever do something as simple as flushing a toilet, starting the washing machine, or adjusting the temp in your house and pause and think how amazing our world is...millions of people doing all those same things (especially the toilet thing), and we seem to have figured out how to take care of that business.

I think it is good to be informed and read up on things - but sometimes, just sometimes, ignorance is bliss and you can sleep more soundly.

Speaking of sound sleeping...Ed seems to be hearing the boys crying out in the night for things more often than me lately.  Maybe it is my turn to sleep through their shenanigans...given I did all the nursing and most night wakings back then.  Who knows...just interesting, but I do feel a little bad about it.  Although I am usually the one who jolts upright in bed remembering our darn Elf on the Shelf guy.

I haven't been to the gym in almost four weeks.  Makes me sick to my stomach that all the hard work I have done since last February is going to back slide.  I am prepping and trying to motivate myself to get back into a regular early morning workout routine.  It has been so nice to let that go for a bit...but I actually moved down a pant size and really want to keep it that way.  Cool weight lost...just inches.  How does that work?

Love the Amazon boxes that pile up on our doorstop lately.  So fun.  Just wish they didn't ring the doorbell during nap time.  I guess I need to get my little post it hung that says not to ring the doorbell.

I am in the mood to shake it up this year and skip some of the traditional cookies we typically make and try some new things.  Is that allowed?  Maybe even a pie instead of cookies...

Ed might have a right to be worried.  A secret Elf has been leaving me Starbucks gift cards on my dashboard on the days when I most need that little treat.  Gotta love an Elf that knows how to put a smile on this mama's face.

I have had my Christmas cards since December 1st.  I had them addressed by December 3rd.  And here they sit.  I just don't have stamps and I don't go anywhere that sells them....and making an extra stop is annoying.

Time to go get Henry from preschool.  I hope he had a great day.  He struggled going today...I think because he hadn't been for so many days.  Once he was there he seemed good to go though.

Syd is no longer interested in riding in a cart or stroller at stores.  Grocery shopping, errand running, and whatever else will now be sponsored by the brilliant Dum Dum sucker.  Seriously, makes me sad that I have to resort to it...but, I want to get library books back to the library and I realized if I bring a Dum Dum sucker I can get her back in the stroller with that AND get the books scanned and checked out while she enjoys that artificially flavored treat.

Lots of wrapping to do today.  And since Syd has brought me tags off already wrapped gifts more than once already..I think it is time to start boxing them up for travel.

Time to go!

Happy Wednesday!

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