Monday, December 3, 2012

Santa 2012

Santa 2012.
An unplanned Santa visit. 
Boys need haircuts.
Outfits not picked for this stop ...and Santa even said, "Mom, do you want them to take their coats off?"

Classic...mama too rushed...and now regrets not listening to the wise man in the jolly red suit.  The suit that could be purple because this mama still hasn't become confident in snagging the right settings on her camera when we are indoors and so black and white make it all appear a little less blurry.  

 Let's get a closer look at the drama Miss Syd can bring at a moment's notice. 

And the boys who were hesitant about this moment settled on asking for the Diary of the Wimpy Kid books and a Lego set.  

 I was impressed with the downtown Macy's Santa experience.  NO LINE.  Multiple rooms ...private and quiet and we didn't feel stressed, rushed, or guilty for taking our own least not by them.  Mama always feels rushed in these once in a life time moments. 

But I got it.  Good enough for my heart.  


Anonymous said...

hahahaha cant stop smiling at that pic of syd. like you are torturing her! hahaha rr

Anonymous said...

Love that look that Henry is giving on the last one. Perfect! Those of Syd are awesome!!!! Looks like a great evening.


emma said...

Sydney is hilarious!


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