Monday, December 3, 2012

A Night of Joy...

The magic of the season can be seen and felt amongst the youngest. 
The believers.  
The ones that have the least worries...maybe just what one thing they are going to ask Santa for.  
And when you can meld two families of three for some serious downtown holiday adventures...well you get nothing less than magic.

We journeyed to the big city for our first Holidazzle Parade experience and got the bonus of a little Macy's 8th floor fun too.  They do it up big at the downtown Macy's in Minneapolis.  

Watching your children take in new sights...

And enjoying the parade with some good friends was the ultimate cherry on the top of this holiday sundae.  Their three girls are treasured friends of our three.  Sydney knows she is loved a bunch by these girls and the boys giggle and get silly so naturally with their girls. 

It was the first time the dads hung out a bit and that was fun for us mamas.

More family adventures with this 'G' clan are on my 2013 hopes and dreams bucket list. 

 It is December 3rd and we have our house decked for the holiday season.  We ticked off the Holidazzle holiday adventure.  I have yet to buy a Christmas present and we aren't baking til I kick this cough that is still hanging on too strongly for my liking.  But I feel relaxed.  I feel like this December is going just how I hoped.  Savoring the family time, the quiet, the fun, and focusing less on getting it all perfect and just so.  Instead relishing in the go with the flow joy.

Santa visit was included in this night.  Pictures to come soon.  Classic, let me tell you.  Truly. 


Theresa said...

That second to last picture of Sydney is a show stopper :)

Anonymous said...

i agree with theresa about picture of syd. and sooooo fun to get pic of you and ed! rr


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