Tuesday, December 4, 2012

right here. right now.

Today I can confidently say that I am feeling 90% myself.  
I have been waiting for this day since the day before Thanksgiving...so almost two weeks.
I still cough, but not as much. 
I slept normal.
And added bonus, I woke to boys coming in and begging me to come downstairs. 
I smiled at them and thought, "Someday I am going to miss this...wow, they want me to come down."  But then they informed me they just wanted to open their Lego advent calendars...oh, shucks.  And I thought it was about this bedhead looking mama's face.  

Syd slept a bit longer today, the sun was up.  Which means I got half this blog post ready and my cup of coffee brewed.  It means the boys are in full play mode by the time she descends and that means she is happy and busy right off the bat.  

Today we will welcome the delivery of a new bathtub, that will take up the third stall of our garage for a wee bit.  But it is progress my friends.
And tonight is date night, or rather Ed's holiday dinner party for work.  It means I dig deep in my closet to find something to wear and pray no one notices that I may or may not have worn the dress before.  As a stay at home mom I don't like to spend money on clothing I can't wear out...and by wear out-- I mean wear them until the threads are starting to fail, buttons are missing, or the armpits are too discolored (just being honest).  I am thankful that my last years of teaching had me in a more classic choice of clothing mode because my work attire still works for the most part.  (Or at least I like to think it does.)  So all that needs to be purchased today is a pair of tights.  

Today my mission is to put away laundry.  Even Ed has grown frustrated looking for things for the kids this weekend.  The issue is that when Sydney naps I don't want to be up there slamming drawers and when she is up I don't really want to be up there putting away laundry.  So when am I supposed to accomplish this task.  

And I most definitely wasn't going to put away laundry yesterday. 
What do you do in Minnesota on December 3rd?
Well, we grabbed our spring jackets and went to the park.  
53 degrees is what it said ...

But honestly, I don't love this weather.  It makes me nervous and worried.  It isn't what should be happening this time of year.  Is it global warming...and what does it mean for Miss Sydney's life.  So scary.  I have decided I am totally one of those people that could get wrapped up in worrying about BIG things that could turn me into a loony....like the end of the world or other catastrophes that if they occurred I would have no control over anyways, so I should just not worry.  I think that is why I avoid the news.  The politics.  The big issues.  Because the more I know the less sleep and peace I feel.  It is best if I focus on raising my kiddos to have kind hearts, a love of learning, and the desire to be citizens of the world who make the right choices for their future lives.   It is best if I stick to the Lifetime movie channel where everything is bad acting, lovey dove, and the end is so predictable.  (Yes, Ed has come up to check on his coughing wife the last week or so and always finds me on the Lifetime channel watching some silly holiday made for TV movie.  He shakes his head, says "Seriously, lifetime." and leaves me to my escape from reality choice in TV.)

And Miss Syd is sadly outgrowing her black converse high tops that fit her personality so well.  I scored these at a consignment store for a whopping $8.  

Today I will relish in feeling 90%, have a mid morning coffee, purchase tights (yes, tights not nylons), put away laundry (maybe), order a Christmas gift or two, and then enjoy going out with the man in my life that loves me through my Lifetime channel phases and coughing fits.  

This is where I am today.
And I am happy to be right here. right now.  

Where are you?

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