Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Sunday-ing

Sunday mornings are gifts.
Taken slow and relaxed with just a sprinkle of crabby mama...
they usually give way to simple and grateful moments with family. 

Maybe crabby mama emerged because she had to wake at 5am with a dancing tot, maybe crabby mama emerged because getting everyone out of the house for 9am church could be considered an Olympic sport in itself, maybe crabby mama emerged because she had to ask 4 times for something to be done.  

Either way, crabby mama moments on Sundays in our house, are typically followed by daddy giving the tipped head reminder to relax.  They might be  followed by looking down the pew at your crew and feeling blessed.  They could be followed by giggles around the kitchen table nibbling bagels, a treat that doesn't happen very often.  They are followed knowing that Sunday is a day to relish what works best for your crew - hopefully less impacted by the responsibilities to others.  

This morning there was a "freezing fog" going on in our parts.  A new weather term for this mama.  But I ventured out to get some bagels. 

We got a peek at our Aunt Sara for a moment.  And home improvement shows played too long but drew the boys in when their energy was too much for the Christmas tree to handle (or rather mama).  

Little girls with piggies putter with legos, dolls, and mama's wallet that she pick pockets like a pro.  And this young man practices plucking  Hot Cross Buns, a song that makes this mama smile.  And Henry, though there isn't a picture of him snuggled on the couch in his safety work goggles - he is here - always searching for someone to hug or tackle.  

Sunday is here. 
How will you choose to spend it?
If you had a crabby moment, or if you do, take that moment and turn it around.  
It's Sunday, and the world is yours for the taking. 
Take your Sunday ....I'm taking mine with coffee and a little too much creamer, a game of Sorry that might bring out too much competitiveness in all, and some tea in a tent with my little girl, surrounded by holiday lights. 



Raina and Andy said...

The pics of syd so cute. i tried hard not to get the mommy crabbies. luckily andy took the boys out of the house and i was reviatalized. keep the blog posts comin'! RR

Anonymous said...

Spent our Sunday painting the dining room, getting family pics, decorating the tree, watching the Packers, bleaching the kitchen floor, making taco chili, and taking Pepper for a walk. A full day!



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