Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday rambles...

tug. tug. tuuuuuuug.  my heart strings are being pulled by our Christmas card picture from last year.

This morning Ed brewed a fresh pot of coffee for me and hopefully pointed it out so I realized.  I smiled slightly, but want him to know that my first cup tastes great.  I hope it means today I will feel better.  He is tired of me being sick.  I get it.  It isn't fun for me either.  Last night he said, "One day.  Why wasn't it just one day."  The thing is that I didn't get one day to just lay in bed...we travelled, then returned home to do the decking of the halls, and when mama is sick life doesn't stop.  I have to make meals, do laundry, and answer the "mom. mom?  MOOOOOM?" requests.  Even when I crawl in bed at 6pm to try and beat it.  But today,  I can taste my coffee.  I am going to shower, get dressed like I feel 100% and drop of 19 coats to a local coat drive for our Mom's club today.  And I am going to rock this day like it's 198-?...well, I am going to fake it til I we make it over here. 
This morning a Christmas gift from last year emerged from the basement. 
The Nerf guns.
And the boys have been battling all morning. 
Syd tries to grab up the bullets and runs away fast thinking she is part of the game. 
Parenthood.  Anyone else in love with that show?
It weighs on my heart all week long.  Christina's battle hits so close to home for many, I am sure, and that scares me.  Last week when she "just wanted her mom."  had me sobbing.  And this week when she danced with her son...instant tears.  And the looks that Peter Kraus (I think that's his real name) gives his wife are so perfect.  They do a great job with that show.  I wait all Tuesday to watch and then make myself go to bed before 9pm so I can wait all day again on Wednesday and zip through the commercials.  I figure two days of intense anticipation is more fun than just one. 
Syd is still battling a cough but she is a happier more herself version today. 
Henry has a constant cough that freaks Ed and I out.  But we took him in yesterday to rule out pneumonia, something he has had a few times in the past.  Next week he will have surgery again, and this mama's heart weighs so heavy for the little guy.   He needs to conquer the cough this week so that he passes his pre-op appointment.
A friend commented on a recent post about cherishing the moments with our kids...recognizing summers as her reality check.  Made my stomach lurch for her.  SO TRUE.  Summers.  Last summer was so great.  I really savored every moment.  Every time we pass the pool we went to frequently, I sigh.  Every summer will bring new adventures and new favorite things.  But counting down summers, way more depressing since there are so many less. 
Anyone else have an Elf visiting their shelf this year?  Dang.  Our elf hasn't moved in three days.
 The NyQuil is keeping me from jolting awake at 2:30am remembering that little creepy guy.
Everyday I plan to bake french bread.  Everyday I don't.  Maybe today?
I have been very isolated at home since Saturday.  No friends.  No adventures.  Taking it slow and relishing our home time.  But today, we will venture out for an hour and get a few things done.  And maybe open a window to air out the house a tad.  Fresh air helps everyone. 
Time to bundle the crew so we can get Charley off to school. 
Happy Thursday friends!
If we sat and had coffee...what would you ramble to me about, in between my hacking and sniffles.


The Tompkins Family said...

I am in love with Parenthood. I watched the most recent episode yesterday and the dancing had me in tears too. That storyline is really getting me. They're making it so real.

Anyway, trying to get my bearings...was up every 15 minutes with P last night who has a high fever and cough. Ugh.

Beth said...

Feel better, Sarah! It's okay if the laundry piles up or if peanut butter is served for all three meals!


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