Friday, December 28, 2012


Where do you begin when there were so many fun moments captured. 
480 pictures were snapped.  Many blurry, poor lighting, moving subjects.  
So I am sifting through and so expect some photo bombing here at For the Love of Naps in the next few days.  But, we also have more Christmas celebrating to do, so I am still considering myself checked out, disconnected, and loving the family time.  

This year at my parents we had a new animal member of the family join in the Christmas chaos.  
He is a tad hard to capture, which I didn't realize, since this was the first time I met him. 
So my goal for the next visit is to have figured out better settings so I can capture him and all his glorious fur, big cozy nose, and eyes that stare at you like he has soooo much to say. 

My brother and new wife became parents in the last few months since they became married.
They got themselves a dog...the type of dog I Oooo! and Ahhhh! at when I see them pass by on the street.  Love the shaggy hair.  He is a silent pup, calm, and amazingly good with the kids, already.  He flops out in all his curly hairiness and naps right there, just like his Uncle Ed.  

Greg and Liz experienced a different visit this Christmas...they weren't free to just veg and relax.  They had combing out tangles, lots of walks, keeping a close eye on what was being sniffed and chomped on, and of course the potty breaks.  But you can tell, at every. single. moment.  They are dealing with Mr. Fox as a team and have completely fallen in love with the animal.  

Mr. Fox is like a bear. 
Mr. Fox is like a human.
Mr. Fox causes a smile.
Mr. Fox makes you want a dog. 

I am sure I will have more to share.  
But these are just a few of the first ones I came across. 
Fox was a joy to have around this Merry Christmas 2012.

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Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, LOVE this dog!!! :) He's adorable and so were the pictures!


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