Thursday, November 1, 2012


First, please note that when I said I tossed the extra candy for a five minute was in a Ziploc bag! I didn't pour candy into the garbage and then take it out and eat it. ewww! It was in a zip bag!

Second, I do not consider myself a political person...and I don't always have all the facts.  And I may not clearly get my message across here but....

  We are getting closer and closer to election day and in MN there are a couple things we are voting for unique to our state this voting season.

In May 2011, the Minnesota State Legislature voted to put a constitutional amendment on the 2012 ballots in Minnesota that will read: “Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as marriage in Minnesota?” 

 I just want to clarify to people that voting NO (which I hope you do, with a passion) does not legalize marriage for ALL.  Many radio and TV ads are making it sound like this will legalize gay marriage.  And I totally understand that many religious values promote the idea of marriage as one man and one woman.   Which might make you feel like voting yes because you are not ready to say you are open to the idea of gay marriage.  HOWEVER, they are playing you for a fool by being tricky like this!

Fact:  Gay marriage is not legal in MN and this will not change based on the vote in November.

 VOTING NO ONLY keeps this out of the constitution (remember:  separation of church and state). Marriage for all is still not legal in MN and that won't change by voting either way this November.

"I am a liberal, because I grew up with Catholic upbringing. I learned to love my neighbor as my self. I was taught that if I had 2 cloaks, I was to give one to someone who had none. This upbringing was a foundation for me to learn more, think harder. The Christ of the new testament was a friend of women, and of those less fortunate." ~ Anna Quindlen

By voting NO you are standing up for many things...some might be .....

...the belief that a family can be healthy and strong and might just not resemble a traditional mom and dad unit. And let's all just realize that there are so many families that already don't look this way.

  .....the belief that our country works because we do our best to separate church and state.  We are a great nation for ALL people of all religions.

  .....the belief that all human beings should have the same opportunity to celebrate life, love, and a journey together with all things that come along with marriage.  If you are pro marriage than promote marriage so that more celebrate this adventure - don't exclude. 

.....the belief that if you are a parent and your child is gay but may not have figured it out are supporting him/her NOW and you are giving yourself the chance to walk your daughter down the aisle and buy her a wedding dress...just not in the way you may have envisioned.  You are making the possibility of having grandchildren, in a less traditional way, a greater possibility

...and so much more. 

Next week when you vote, think to the future.  Think about the world and how it has changed over the years.  VOTE NO because the sad reality NO really doesn't do much - but it is a step in the right direction.  And every step is important for our children.  Just think of how scared those were when they were deciding if women could vote.  Thank goodness the world evolved...And vote NO because it isn't right to bring religion into our state constitution.

Upcoming posting frenzy today...I hope!  I am banking on a napper that hasn't napped for two days...


Raina and Andy said...

Awesome post. Rr

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

thank you for voting. thank you for using your words to educate and empower others. thank you for showing your children that unique and different is wonderful, welcomed and refreshing. good for you! and yes..thank you! this means so much to so many!

Lizzy said...

Wonderfully said. You are certainly raising exceptionally kind, loving, and and accepting children with your example. The world needs more of this.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to voting NO in just a few days. Hoping for an open minded and free future for my friends, neighbors, and family. Thank you!



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