Thursday, November 1, 2012

piggy bank treasure...

When it comes to our Henry...

A morning spent counting his piggy bank treasure...

with his Grandma Barb by his side...

means he can count up to 60 without issue and he can smile...and giggle while doing it.

Last time he counted his piggy bank treasure it was with his daddy.  And Ed wrote the amount on a post it note and dated it.  It has been almost two years and he has doubled his money.  
A great way to practice counting, coin identification...and a fun tradition to write the amount on a slip of paper and keep it in the piggy bank!

Our boys now have wallets where they keep their spending money. 
Their piggy banks have been a work in progress since they were born and we tell them it is a special saving place.  It is not yet spending money.  I think the grandma's tend to be the big contributors.  

Do you let your kids spend their piggy bank money?

1 comment:

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

cute! love that your henry is so smart! i have not worked on counting with lily beyond 30ish. i should. :)


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