Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just sayin'

He is 8. He CAN do things. He forgets. It is annoying. Just sayin'
She is 1 1/2.  She thinks she can do things.  She doesn't get it.  It is annoying.  Just sayin'

I did not buy Halloween candy for our house this year.  I bought little packages of cheese balls.  However, for Charley's birthday they decorated cupcakes with massive amounts of different candies...I have eaten too many of the leftovers....and throwing them away...  They were tossed on top of a piece of newspaper...probably strategically placed for safe retrieval...5 minutes later. Just sayin'

Making pancake batter turn orange and not pink is tricky.  Henry didn't find the orange tinted pancakes festive.  I tried ...just sayin'

There is romping and wrestling going on behind me.  I am sipping my coffee, typing this, and praying no one gets hurt.  Just sayin'

I am on a kick of adding a few things to our home decor.  I did see the guy at TJ Max roll his eyes at my friend and I yesterday as we took 45 minutes to decide on which rug to buy.  I didn't let his eye roll rush me.  Just sayin'

Happy Halloween...may you show more self control than I today when it comes to festive treats and a warm cocktail to end the day with. Just sayin'


Raina and Andy said...

Haha what was your drink u had last nite? Funny about candy on much have u retrieved? Oh well it's the season. 10 more minutes on the treadmill! Rr

Anonymous said...

LOVE Syd's costume! We have lots of peacock lovers in this family!! Jamie Trampe

Barb said...

Wonder how trick or treating went tonight? I bet Henry was especially excited.


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