Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I have fallen SO far behind on blogging and I have so many posts in my head to write. 
But I have a teething little girl and have had the desire to just live in all these moments that have been happening one after another.  

And I HATE when long spans go between blog posts and then I tend to find myself an hour to catch up and then I over post in one day.  SO, I am vowing to try really hard to give myself permission to catch up a bit on the blog today, if the time shows up...but will try to exercise some self control and not post all of them today.  Then we won't have this issue of looooong breaks.  

Anyways..up above are a few hints at what has been happening around here...

Birthday parties,
birthday presents,
Grandma Barb visits,
4 mile race conquered,
pumpkin carving...or rather drilling with daddy
teething little Syd with attitude

And so many other little moments that give this mama deep thoughts to ponder....

Stay tuned...let's see if I can show some self control with the posting today. 

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