Tuesday, October 30, 2012

pumpkin carving...

Yesterday afterschool the kids got down and dirty...or rather they attempted and I ended up elbow deep in the pumpkin goop.  But they did more this year than any year in the past so I was happy.
Sydney actually was the most interested and willing to touch.  

Once daddy arrived home we tried something new.  Yes, thanks to Pinterest, we got out daddy's drill and the boys had a blast drilling holes all over their pumpkins.  They have been wanting to do some real guy drilling...and this proved to kill two three birds with one stone.  Pumpkins got done, mama got a Pinterest project done, and pumpkin carving was that much less frustrating...because either the design they dream up is too elaborate or dad or mom just don't quite get it right.  

Syd throwing in her two cents.

Mama carved Syd's pumpkin free hand. 
And tomorrow night after we trick or treat we will light our pumpkins and witness their job well done!
I'll try and capture the end product :)


Raina and Andy said...

Ohhhhh so mean not to show us what they look like! Good idea to do it on the floor. It all ends up there anyway! Brave Ed didn't even get a chance to change into grubs! Rr

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

fun times. I tried using a drill last year. I think the worst part was cleaning it off afterwards but the lantern look is fun and well worth it.

Barb said...

Love the pix of Syd holding a doll while watching the action.


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