Thursday, October 25, 2012

Throwback Thursday...Happy Birthday, Charley!

My mom is here.
It is Charley's birthday.
This 8th birthday thing is all consuming.
  Hope to post more soon! But here's some past shots of Charley...

When Charley turned four he got a Leapster...what a leap when he turns 8...if you have been blessed (said while rolling my eyes) with interacting with me this week you will find this fact interesting :)


Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

Happy 8 Charley!
It's so fun to watch you grow up!
Hope it's an amazing day!!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today Charley! Happy 8th birthday!!! Jamie Trampe

Grandma Charlie said...

Thinking of you all day long today, Charley. It was so good to hear your voice this morning. I hope your 8th birthday is the best ever! I love you.

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Happy 8th Birthday to Charley!

Danifred said...

Wow time flies! Happy birthday to Charley!


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