Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday rambles...

 Our Syd-ee Roo horsed around up there and finally is napping at 2:45. 
I will persevere.  I will win. 

Two weeks ago we had a few diet cokes in the house and I indulged...and now it is on my mind every afternoon. It is amazing how after many months without this treat...it can become an afternoon obsession so quickly.  I am vowing not to buy more though.  So far so good.

Today we went to Toys R Us so Henry could birthday shop for his brother.
We left me wanting to scream and him in tears.
Let's just say that me saying "It's for Charley not you."  Over and over gets annoying.
But more importantly, when the parent doesn't have a plan for the birthday gift..then it is hard to be okay buying stuff from siblings.  Ed and I will figure out our plan of attack tonight so that this can all be resolved and little brother can be excited about the box wrapped for his big brother.

I know Ed is happy about the upcoming birthday party.  He said today that having a birthday party is good.  And the other day when I got the bare bones of the birthday party plan down on paper he remarked I was doing a great job.  But I know that he isn't losing sleep over this event.  I am. 
Charley asked if there was extra time during his party if they could just run around the house.
I responded, "No, you will do a coloring sheet."  And don't think I wasn't serious.  He responded with a long sigh.  But then did clarify that he meant run around outside the house...not inside...the kid knows me so well.  HA!  Sure kid, you and your friends can do laps outside. 
I spent at least an hour cleaning out my van this weekend. 
Does anyone else clean out their car to find two brown grocery bags full of crap that has accumulated in there.  I am not talking garbage..I am talking actual stuff.  The garbage was crazy too.  But getting into my car this week after having cleaned it is so much more calming.  I don't feel like kids are climbing over, stepping on, or flinging things about to find space to sit. 

Henry has been making his way down to our unfinished basement to play, all. by. himself.
I am so proud of him. I am sure it is quiet down there all alone.  But he goes down..and then I hear him talking and see him crouched down on the floor playing with a little worm type bug that we find down there.  Not a creepy centipede...just a skinny long brown thing that likes to curl up into a spiral...do you know what I am talking about.  It cracks me up.  Today we decided that when he is done with his friends he can release them outside instead of leaving them down there or ending their little simple lives.
I was going to start a little series on here about simplifying life.
I am reading a book all about it.  And I am pretty gung ho. 
But with all this birthday jazz today I just didn't feel at peace posting about simplifying our environment as I walk through the aisles of Toys R Us shopping for more crap.  The posts are almost done though. 
So that post will come at a later date.  Probably tomorrow.  Or next week :)
Life is so good.  My mom is coming to visit for a few days and things have been pretty smooth here this month that I am not feeling like I need this visit for the help but rather I will enjoy this visit for the company...although with the birthday party happening I am sure she will be utilized in a helpful way.  Time with my mom is always a favorite and a best.

It is dreary here today.
I like it.
It is warm enough to have the windows open a bit.
cue candle burning, piano music, corner lamp, and a brownie or two.
what's giving you peace today?


Theresa said...

1) I gave up coffee a couple of months ago but indulged in one pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks over the weekend. And by one, I mean 2. And 2 turned into 3 today. You would think the sheer cost would keep me away! So your soda comment spoke to me.
2) I am always AMAZED at how much stuff can accumulate in the van. My husband is even more amazed. Ha. I try so hard to keep it picked up, but apparently not nearly hard enough. Oh well. :)
3) I am looking forward to your posts about simplifying! I try so hard to do this, but I have a long way to go.

Raina and Andy said...

being done with work for the day gives me peace. coming home knowing i had pulled out dinner from the freezer (chicken chili) gave me peace. being able to (and prioritizing so i can) go to bed early and hope my headache is better tomorrow brings me peace. seetting up a time to see an old friend later in the week brings me peace.
but on the otherh and....wishing i was at charley's party, shopping with henry, giggling with syd, spending time with my cool sister and mom later this week, wishing i was cheering you on at your race...not so much peace.
can't have it all.
keep the posts coming!

Raina and Andy said...

ps i miss your "not me monday's" haha those were always funny RR

Anonymous said...

can't speak on what is giving me peace these days....BUT I do want to share that I did a quick cleaning of my van this weekend because I couldn't find a garage parking ticket and what did I come across.......a dirty folded up diaper! Have absolutely NO idea how long that has been under the passenger side seat. Maybe that's why my friends always insist on driving. HA!

Danifred said...

I can't believe how grown up she's looking in these pictures. The baby has become a toddler.


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