Tuesday, October 2, 2012

simplify our moments

Spur of the moment, that's how we roll, we stole an hour with our kiddos.

We left the toys and all that jazz at home.
And we let them explore and scale the world.

We were slightly disturbed to find these enormous beauties hopping ALL OVER the woods.  
Seriously, there were frog crossings all over with three or more frogs passing by. 

The kids also come across three of these guys hanging out.  
ewwww.  but cool.

A stolen moment at a playground park means I am left chasing this little one. 
But a stolen moment on a walking trail at a park...means I can chat with my friend.

And take pictures of her crew.

The boys want to go back with their dad.  I hope we can get there. 
Simple fun.  

Kicking off October trying to keep it basic.  
Old school.

Seriously, could have brought our lawn chairs and let them just explore.

October brings changes of leaves and seasons and weather and so much more.

Embracing the stolen moments with good friends.
Embracing it all.

What are you embracing today?

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