Tuesday, October 2, 2012

finding balance...

This week already feels so much more balanced.
It is amazing the impact of a toddler not napping.  Especially when you have two nappers and they repeatedly don't nap at the same time, or at all.  There is no time to fold laundry, clean a bathroom, make a decent dinner, take care of business on the computer, blog, email your sister, eat lunch yourself, play with your preschooler at his level....and the list goes on. 

This morning I allowed myself the gift to sit on the floor with my three littles and we built with duplo blocks. 
I had hopes that naptime would happen again.  (Syd napped finally yesterday.)
 And it was quiet.  Everyone was busy.  For an hour.  

And all seemed right.  

Then I stood up to make lunch and felt overwhelmed with the breakfast dishes that were sill smattered about the kitchen, the laundry still heaped on the couch, the toys scattered about the lower level, the idea of the toilet still needing a quick scrub...and all with a hairdo that never was completed.  

But all three kiddos were happy.  Hungry.  and two were ready for a nap. I hope.

Naps are happening for both girls, at the same time, for the second day in a row. 
And I feel human.  I feel somewhat balanced.

Life balance is an illusion really. 
I think the scales are always tipping a little more one way than the other. 
They key is to know when to shift your attention, time, priorities so that the scale doesn't get too heavy one way or another resulting in an overwhelming feeling. 

Think about your newborn and how they push you to your limit with waking in the night and then gift you with a random 4-6 hour chunk ...just when you needed it.  

Last week was overwhelming.  
This week we are off to a good start. 
Maybe I just have stepped back, slowed down, and am making better choices. 
Or maybe the scales got a little heavy last week and they are tipping in another direction...
or maybe it is all about the nap.

Who knows. 
I will take it.  

And just to update...I am about to hit publish and one is now awake.  I got 20 minutes.   Oh, well.  
So much for the laundry, the orange jello Henry wanted to make, or anything else :)

I could go back and change all this thinking but I am going to bank on one little still falling asleep up there and the other going back down in a bit.  We'll see.  



Anonymous said...

I totally hear you! My 2 year old and 9 month old are not on the same nap schedule (baby naps, gets up, toddler naps, gets up and baby naps again) so I have no time for housework or focusing on time alone with the 4 year old - frustrating sometimes but this too shall pass! Jamie Trampe

Roz said...

Great post Sarah! We have those days too around here. Balance is such a good thing...but hard to find at times. And what is it with Duplos? Must be a mom favorite to build with...when given the chance, (or better yet...when I remember to sit still and GIVE myself the chance) that's my go-to toy too.

Anonymous said...

Made my heart melt to read this post and hear how you've made Grace one of your own these past insane 5 weeks. You are an amazing mom.



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