Monday, October 1, 2012

October kick off.....

Welcome October. Can't believe September has come and gone. October marks the beginning of the holiday marathon. First it is our fall decoration bin and then it will be like BAM! Christmas decorating is going on. Which means, snow and boots and mittens....AHHH! Let's just embrace October for the month that it will be.

October will include MORE slowing down and simple fun and less chaos and beginning of the school year jazz.

Our front door.

October will be less monster mama and hopefully more calm and patient mama because my focus this month is slowing down and simplifying.

October is more about enjoying the joy and excitement that Henry had while we decorated yesterday and less worrying about the laundry on the couch. 

October will be more about realizing that I am going to soon be the mom of an 8 year old, and yesterday that 8 year old got out the gallon of milk and went ahead and poured it himself without spilling.  Though he is testing and pushing his limits a tad on doing things independently...I am realizing it is time to let him.  So less doing things for that kid.  

October will be more about actually following through with a pin on Pinterest instead of just pinning.
Check out the pumpkin I whipped out with the leftover gauzy stuff we were using on Miss Syd's finger.

October will be more about getting Syd to nap again and less about her NOT napping.  
It has been a week of no napping.  Yikes!

October will be about fitting in another spur of the moment girl's night that doesn't leave me thinking "I am never drinking again."  This weekend I got out with a good friend and it was a blast.  PEOPLE, we got honked at, carded, and three different people bought us drinks!  We felt really hip.  It was good for the soul and good to remember that it helps to get out.  October will be less about feeling isolated at home. 

October will be more about coffee hitting the spot in the cool mornings, warm cider after playing outside, evenings with lamps and reading Halloween books with my trio.  October will be less about "getting through the day."

October will be about no excuses when it comes to working out.  It will mean going to bed a tad earlier so waking happens without effort.  It will mean walks with my girl when Henry is at school and tag in the yard for an extra calorie burn.  October will be less about saying, "It's too hot, too dark, too early, too...."

October will be actually finding some inspiration for our upstairs bathroom renovation.  October will be less about putting that project off.  

October will be about throwing my Charley a birthday party and hosting my mom for a good many days and less about packing the suitcase and spending way too many hours in the car.  

October will be about making the choices that work for this mama, our family, and my kiddos...embracing the turning of the seasons, the darkening of our days, and the cozy that comes with autumn months.  

Happy Monday friends!

What will October bring for you!?


The Tompkins Family said...

October sounds lovely your way! (No naps for a week, that is rough!)

October brings busy weekends, visits with family and a half marathon.

Barb said...

October brings great football watching on TV with Fantasy Football scores in my lap; a flight to visit you all; babysitting twice for two little cute grand-sons nearby; planning holiday stuff so that I'm not overwhelmed when the time comes; and a bus trip to Chicago with two great friends, oh and a play and dinner with my sister, "Avenue Q". Love October's colors!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Love the front door decoration. October brings me wanting to decorate. It brings a lot of homework that we are adjusting to.

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Love the front door decoration. October brings me wanting to decorate. It brings a lot of homework that we are adjusting to.

Danifred said...

I love this time of year. October means lots more of the same in our house, but I'm hopeful for an eventual slow down of events.


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