Friday, September 28, 2012

just sayin'

When Sydney doesn't nap I can't decide if I want to cry, run away, or demand take out around dinner time. When she doesn't nap our chair climbing, garbage digging, couch scaling girl needs an eye on her at all times. And human is no longer a word to describe how I feel. Just sayin'

 I found nothing hypocritical about lecturing the boys about how they don't need to have long Christmas and birthday lists this year. It is important to realize how much we already have and how lucky we are since there are so many people that have needs that aren't being met...and they need to stop talking about things they want....this was all done while pulling into the Starbuck's drive thru lane to order my overpriced latte. Because as my good friend pointed out when I told her this story that some people have to drink coffee from their home pot every day. Just sayin'

 Why is that with great results at my morning weigh in with my trainer comes the desire to eat all the wrong things today. Self Control when it comes to not my cup of tea...ah, tea...probably the better choice compared to the morning coffee with a good helping of vanilla creamer. Just sayin'

 When naps don't go well these days...and there were three days with no naps from Miss Syd...the house looks like this come late afternoon. And it just shows how much darn fun we have had all day. Just sayin'

The couch has been piled with laundry to be folded for an entire week and a half.  Yep.  What's the point?  Just sayin'

Charley's word of the week was metamorphosis.  And each week they are assigned a day to share their knowledge of the word in any way that they choose.  He got Friday...which meant all the obvious caterpillar to butterfly, tadpole to frog mumbo jumbo had been shared.  To spice up their Friday we suggested Charley wear his Hulk costume under his clothing and tear his shirt off when he reveals the fact that Bruce Banner goes through metamorphosis when he changes into the Hulk.  Wouldn't that have been incredible!?  Charley was still nervous about this sharing idea so he had me call his teacher and run it by her.  She laughed and loved it.  I would give anything to go back through my school years with the confidence I have now. I totally understood why Charley wouldn't go through with the costume thing.  But man, it would have been memorable.   Just sayin'

Three days this week both girls pooped three times...which means I changed 6 poopy diapers.  I wish I could find satisfaction and appreciation in this task.  It just doesn't really thrill me.  Just sayin'

I need my haircut and my brows waxed.  I think it is part of why I feel crabby all. the. time.  One more week and I should be more able to fit it in.  Even as a child, my mom said after a hair cut I was a happier kiddo.  Can't wait....and I am sure my family can't either.   Just sayin'

Last year at Henry's preschool we weren't allowed to go on field trips or class parties without our name being drawn from a pool.  This year at his new preschool we can go on all field trips and we are allowed to any and all classroom celebrations with little siblings!  I am one happy mama!  Sometimes change is scary but sometimes it plays out in your favor.  Just sayin'

Many new things are happening for family and friends in the coming weeks and it is keeping me up in the night and constantly is on my mind.  I wish so badly I could look into a magic ball and see their future so I could reassure them that they are going to rock these new adventures!  It is hard when you can't fix things for friends.  Just sayin'

I feel like I have taken less pictures this week.  I guess I am running out of inspiration here at home.  Yesterday I tried to be inspired with play dough fun and Miss Gracie finding a Star Wars guy to be her toy of choice yesterday.

But then this happened while selling Boy Scout wreaths around the neighborhood.  You don't need much more inspiration than this...just sayin'



Goings on at the Glenn's said...

love this post. Especially about the mountain on laundry that has been there for a week. You must have been describing my couch! Just sayin

Barb said...

Who is that girl with the long blond hair peeking out under that Packer hat? I need to see her soon! Just sayin'


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