Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just sayin'

We kicked it up a notch and added a scarecrow, corn stalks, and hay bale to our fall decor outside our front door yesterday. I have jumped out of my skin at least 5 times in the first 24 hours when I see the scarecrow's profile in the window next to our front door.  Just sayin'

I love when people give my children cheap junky little pencil sharpeners.  I love how they get obsessed with them and then figure out how to open them and scatter pencil shavings all over my house.  I appreciate their ability to sharpen pencils in all rooms of our house....including the bathroom.  Just sayin'

I appreciate Sydney's talent of eating anything I put on her toast...without eating the actual toast.  Today it was cream cheese, yesterday it was peanut butter.  I find this skill also allows for her hair to test out food products as hair gels and conditioners.  Just sayin'

I find finger prints on windows precious.  I even can appreciate the occasional muddy foot print on the floor....still trying to decide if I will miss my children's fingerprints on my new white t-shirt someday...just sayin'

I love when my kitchen is organized and clean...it motivates me to bake.  I suppose that is how my kids feel after I have cleaned up their toy spaces.  Just sayin'

Mama's getting her haircut today...might my weigh in tomorrow with my trainer go in the right direction...I need a hair cut that badly.  Just sayin'

New diapers are meant to be pooped in.  Just sayin'

Finding the right book for your child means he completely ignores you and reads all. morning. long.  Just sayin'

When I get dressed in more than yoga pants I feel more human.  Just sayin'

Would love to hear from you all....just sayin'


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I love those shoes, ballet flats are so fun and yet I don't own any, may be the height thing, you know me and heels.
Having my hair freshly done makes me feel peppy, it puts a jump in my step.

Anonymous said...

ohhh....that shot reminds me of the one you took a couple years ago with your uggs and baby belly :( time goes too fast!

jessica said...

I thought the same thing Haley did!

Theresa said...

On Monday I put on a sweat suit basically and changed out of it into jeans and it felt really great! Been keeping it up all week. Love that you described it as feeling "human." So accurate!


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